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By Ashlyn Shore
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 What is a ladybug?
Chapter 2 A Ladybugs Body
Chapter3 A Ladybugs Life Cycle
Chapter 4 What do Ladybugs eat?
Chapter 5 Ladybugs in a House
Chapter 1 What is a Ladybug?
Ladybugs live all over the world. Ladybugs are insects. Ladybugs belong to the
beetle family. They are small and usually yellow, orange, or red with small,
black spots on their wings.. They usually have black legs, head and antennae.
Chapter 2 A Ladybug’s Body
This is a ladybug. It has many different parts that make up its body.
Chapter 3 A Ladybugs Lifecycle
Female ladybugs lay their eggs on the underside of leaves. When the eggs
hatch out ,they are larva. The larva eats and changes into something that looks
like a shrimp. It attaches itself to a leaf for a few days. The skin of the larva
splits open and out comes a full grown ladybug.
Chapter 4 What do ladybugs eat?
Most ladybugs eat other insects, most of which are considered pests to
humans. Ladybugs are often called a gardeners best friend. The most common
insects that ladybugs eat are called aphids. These insects are pests of plants.
Chapter 5 Ladybugs in the House
Ladybugs usually begin to appear indoors in the fall. Ladybugs look for a warm
place to stay during the cold winter months. Ladybugs enter homes through
small cracks around windows and doors. The ladybugs will usually leave when
spring arrives
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