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Preventing Unintentional
Injuries Among Under 15s
Anthony Smythe
Child Safety Unit
30 July 2009
Our Aim
To make this country the best place in the world
for children and young people to grow up.
Key Facts
Children 0-14 who were victims of accidents, by location of
accident 2002 (Source: DTI Home and Leisure
Accident Surveillance System)
Leisure facilities
Natural area
Sport area (exc. Education)
Education area (sports)
Road/parking area
Home (outdoors)
Other and unspecified
Education area (exc. Sports)
Home (indoors)
Social Inequalities
•Children of parents who have never worked or who are longterm unemployed are 13 times more likely to die from
unintentional injury
•37 times more likely to die as a result of exposure to smoke,
fire or flames than children of parents in higher managerial or
professional occupations
•Children in the 10% most deprived wards are 3 times more
likely to be hit by a car than children in the 10% least deprived
•Fatality is twice as likely in boys as girls (aged between 1 and
14), a gap that increases with age
(Better Safe than Sorry: 2007)
A New PSA to Improve Children & Young
People’s Safety
Staying Safe: Action Plan
Responded to the Staying Safe consultation,
launched July 2007
Launched February 2008, the Staying Safe
Action Plan (strategy) covered the full span of
the Every Child Matters ‘stay safe’ outcome
The Action Plan set out the work we are
taking forward between April 2008 – March
Staying Safe’s Key Commitments to Reduce
£18 National Home Safety Equipment Scheme
called Safe At Home, launched Feb 09
A new communications campaign
Improved PSHE resources
A new Child Safety Education Coalition,
launched November 08
Staying Safe’s Key Commitments to Reduce
Accidents (2)
Guidance for practitioners on Accident
Prevention, published June 08
Priority Review of Accident Prevention,
published February 09
A National Safeguarding Unit for the Third
Sector called Safe Network, launched June 09
Next Steps
Monitor commitments to ensure they impact
on PSA indicators
Continue to build local capacity to ensure
commitments are sustained in the medium /
long term
Develop policy to meet new or changes to
Preventing Unintentional
Injuries Among Under 15s
Anthony Smythe
Child Safety Unit
30 July 2009
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