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By Anna and Anna-Lena
1. Are to show People how they can use
Blogs to upload photos and
2.Which are the best blogs to upload pics
and Photos
I did a Survey, in this survey I asked
People which blogs are their
favourite to upload Pictures.
Most of the People said that thy like
Piczo more to upload Pictures than
Wordpress or other Blogs.
Wordpress is good web browser to
upload pictures and Photos! Also for
making an Online portfolio. More
older (adults) and firmas are using
Wordpress. Or making Personal blogs
but it is more liked by Adults or for
using Buisness Ideas.
Piczo is a Website mostly used by young People
which want to share funny things and want to have
a homepage. At Piczo you can also have friends
with whom you can send messages and share
homepages which is very interesting.
People can also write comments on your homepage
what they think about it. Piczo is thought as a
Website where People can share Photos so it is
very Popular for young People which want to share
Photos with other People.
Huuuuuups! What‘s that? In wordpress
you can not upload Pictures... That is
maybe why most People do prefer
Piczo. That is also one reason why it
is liked for Business Ideas. But
therefor you can upload Documents
and other work.
When you want to upload Pictures at
PIczo you need to click on extras and
then on Add Photos then you need to
click on browse and then at least you
can choose which of your Photos you
want to have on your Website then
click on OK and finished is your
Safety Rules
It is important that when you upload
Pictures that these pictures do not show
where you live or what you look like,
except when you are sure that it is not
dangerous for you.
When you upload pictures you first have to
ask the people that are shown on a picture.
Why should you upload
You should upload Pictures because you can
like share stories with your friends and
you can also have some fun with funny
Pictures of friends or whatever you want.
You can tell your friends a storie without
writing anything and this is much more
relaxing than sitting around and typing a
Example of
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