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Unit 1 Leisure Activities
After-class RP I
After-class RP II
---by T.T.
Pre-class Work
• 1. Read After-class RPI and do Ex. 1 ,2 &3 on
page 25-26
• 2. Read After-class RPII and do Ex. 1 &2 on
• RP1: To know Agatha Christie and her mystery
stories; and to be able to explain in English.
• RP2: To understand the story and to be able to
describe one of your experiences.
RPI Fatal Attraction
• General information about Agatha[`ægθə]
• Sex____, Nationality_____, Profession:______
• Achievements:_________________________
Her formula
Start with______
common people
End with_________
Appealing? Why?
Why are the books appealing?
Plot: murder
Human instinct
Setting: Not real Not ____
Ending: solution Peace but in the real world
Modern Whodunit+
Instead of comforting readers, most
contemperary crime novels…
How do you understand the title “fatal attraction”?
Agatha Christie-Queen of Crime
• (1890-1976) was born Agatha May Clarissa Miller in Devon,
England, the youngest of three children in a conservative, well-todo(rich) family.
• Very prolific(productive) British author of mystery novels and short
stories, creator of Hercule Poirot, the Belgian detective, and Miss
Jane Marple. Christie wrote more than 70 detective novels under
the surname of her first husband, Colonel Archibald Christie. She
also published a series of romances and a children's book.
• Christie wrote more than 30 novels featuring Poirot.
Among the most popular were "The Murder of Roger
Ackroyd" (1926), "Murder on the Orient Express" (1934),
and "Death on the Nile" (1937).
Vocabulary: describe a crime book
• Murder mystery writing,
whodunit novels, detective
stories, crime stories, the
“cosy” school(学派) of crime
• To test your powers of
detection,set a puzzle for the
reader, murder is committed,
• a regular investigator, the
fictional detective
• follow the clues, no shortage of
suspects to be investigated;
find their whereabouts, what
drives a person to kill
• no loose ends: to solve
mysteries/ a crime,
• to identify/find out /arrest/
convict the murderer, a
murder safely under arrest,
the death penalty for murder
• calm can be restored;
• criminals go unpunished;
people are wrongly
convicted; there are
miscarriages of justice
Important sentences
• Para. 1. …novels continue to sell in huge
numbers…have sold over 2 billion copies.
• Para.4 …and its popularity shows no sign of
going away.
• Para.8 It’s for this reason that so many readers
like to bury their heads in old-fashioned
detective stories.
RPII Wow, Would I love to Do That
• Complete the summary
a tele commercial
16 when I saw a ____. In no time I
• I became interested in ___
my old brother’s
learned how to do juggling from a friend of _________.
started with a ball, then 2, 3. As I got better, I began to add
____, and learned many juggling tricks from a library book. I
practiced juggling balls, ____,
clubs rings, ____
cigar boxes, knives and
and juggle at the
torchesI even learned to ride a _____unicycle
same time.
be scared to death
• At the very beginning I thought I would _________ of standing
in front of an audience. I never thought of myself as an ______.
After I succeeded in juggling for the _______
dinner at the age
of 21, I began to think about becoming a professional
______:to do more
than just tricks. I made that. When I ended my performance
a couple
of hundred
children, I advised: “If you want to _______,
succeed at
juggling or anything else, you have to _________.
keep trying You can do
never give up
it. Just ________.
Gram. and translation
• Note. 1 Page 33
• Note 5 Page 34
• Translation: Para.8; Para 11; Para. 22
Vocabulary: describe a learning process
• Become interested in, imagine myself
performing…; I was hooked on sth; I was
amazed how/that,
• a challenge, to practice doing tricks…; to
perfect the skill, to start over, to practice with a
• Be nervous; the tension gave me courage, get
through doing sth
Review: Leisure activities
• Watch DVDs/movies on DVD players (quality, visual and
sound effect; convenient, cheap, to buy or rent DVDs)
• Watch movies,go to the cinema, see a film (horror/fantasy
mystery/crime films, a musical/comedy)
• Do/play tricks, learn to juggle balls..
• Have exercise and dance classes:aerobics classes, jazz
• Vacation planning, go abroad for a change(foreign currency,
change money, speak foreign languages)
• To attend a wedding ceremony, a wedding reception, a house
–warming party
• To play board/computer games
• Read books
• …
Possible topics
1.网评现在春晚的很多相声小品质量低俗,幽默不够.你的观点(In-c )
2.DVDs might take the place of movies in the future? (VLS Part I)
3. How college students spend their leisure time? (Unit 1)
4. My favorite film/sport/leisure activity (VLS Part 3/After-c 2)
5. Introduce one author and his/her works (Af-c 1)
*6. Kuso(恶搞) can be called a newly-born type of humor?(Kuso是一
无所不可笑 、无所不可恶搞的方式来宣泄压力。漫画、游戏和网
• 1) Writing: any one topic from..
Deadline: Next Monday
• 2) VLS: Listen to Unit 1 (part 1) if possible.
(survey: mp3, walkman, computer)
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