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Topics in Computer and Communication Networks:
Cloud Computing
COMP660L Fall 2009 HKUST
Lin Gu ([email protected])
Dec. 3, 2009
Do we trust the cloud?
Cloud and Trust
Debate on the Economist:
“This house believes that the cloud can't be entirely
– Nearly 2,500 visitors cast their vote.
– Agree with the statement?
47% Yes
53% No
Cloud and Trust
“The idea is that computing will increasingly be delivered as
a service, over the internet, from vast warehouses of
shared machines. … companies are also moving some of
their applications into the cloud. But is this a good idea?
Can providers of these computing clouds be trusted? Are
these mainframes in the sky reliable enough? What
happens if data get lost? What about privacy and lock-in?
Will switching to another cloud be difficult?”
– Nearly all expect that computing will migrate online
– What they differ on is how fast this shift will occur
Cloud and Trust
Ludwig Siegele:
– “The degree of trust will, at the end of the day,
decide how much of computing will move into
the cloud.”
– “… only a few (cloud providers) will have the
necessary resources to meet the complex
requirements of large organisations.”
Cloud and Trust
Stephen Elop:
– “As we move to a new paradigm, I believe
strongly that the only responsible choice is to
give customers the power of choice: a
software plus services approach that allows
customers to reflect their assessment of cloud
trustworthiness in the choices they make.”
– “… I believe the cloud can or ultimately will be
trusted; yet I still maintain that the cloud will
not trusted to be all things to all businesses.”
Cloud and Trust
Marc Benioff:
– “Simplicity plus complexity does not sound
like a better deal than simplicity to me. Will
services coexist with software? Sure. That is
how transitions work. And as we mentioned
previously, one paradigm rarely completely
replaces another in technology. But roles and
influence do change.”
– “Client-server systems are not inherently
more secure than cloud services.”
Cloud and Trust
– “It's still very much wishful thinking at this stage to think
that enterprises are going get 100% on the cloud and
have such huge dependency outside of their control.”
– “Would any CIO want their entire corporate accounting
on some server somewhere? Today, I doubt it. They'd
want that information on a tamper-proof in-house
resident system.“
– “Public clouds will never be used for mission critical
systems until issues with encryption and privacy can be
resolved in a non-intrusive manner. Until these issues
are addressed public clouds will remain consumercentric and be less likely to be used for enterprise
“In many cases, trust will indeed have to be earned.”
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