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Cool Polar Bears
Written and Illustrated by
Kendall Irvin
Cool Polar Bears
Written and Illustrated by
Kendall Irvin
Table of contents
Meet the polar bear
Life cycle
How they survive
About the author
Meet the polar bear
Polar bears like the snow and ice. They like to swim.
Polar bears have long necks that help them keep their
heads above the water when they swim.
The female polar bear can weigh 500-600
pounds. A male can weigh can 720-1700
pounds. That is humungous!
The polar bear is the largest of the bear family. A
polar bear is bigger than a grizzly bear. Males
can be ten feet tall. Females can be 7-8 feet tall.
Polar bears eat reindeer, sea ,small rodents ,ducks,
fish , eggs , seals and kelp berries. Polar bears like
to mostly eat seals. That is their favorite meal!
A polar bear waits for a seal to come up for air
and when it does the polar bear grabs it with its
sharp claws.
Life Cycle
A female polar bear makes a den to sleep in. She
stays there until her babies are born. Then in the
spring the mom and her baby cubs come out of
the den.
The cubs copy their mother’s movements. Mother
polar bears teach their young to catch fish. Most
polar bears live to be about 18 years old.
How they survive
Polar bears need food or they will die. Sometimes
they look for food but they can’t find any because their
prey is hiding.
A mother polar bears play with their cubs . Mom
takes good care of her cubs. They explore the
world. Young cubs like to wrestle with each
Polar bears live in the Arctic, Russia, Greenland
and Canada. The polar bears like it there some
polar bears make their homes in the coldest
spots on earth.
• Powerful Polar Bears by Elizabeth Bennett
About the Author
My name is
Kendall. I go to
school. I like to
play sports. My
favorite sports
are basketball
and softball.
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