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Private Practitioners Chapter Report
This report covers the period of: April 2010 to November 2010
Submitted by: Lorne Flavelle
This chapter is still in the process of rebuilding its executive and networking as its main goals for
this year. The new Executive held a teleconference in the fall to set up quarterly conference calls to
solidify our goals and mission for the next year. With the establishing of President Elect, Corrine
Hendricken – Eldershaw this chapter has the set – up to establish future goals with leadership now in
place. One goal will be to send out a fall, winter, and spring e-bulletins to give more contact and
feedback from the membership. Our Chapter has proposed and received approval for a 2011
Preconference day on the topic of “Having and Maintaining Good Private Practices.” Lucy MacDonald
has agreed to be the main speaker, and the second part of the day will focused on best practices and a
private practitioner’s panel on the needs and concerns of these professionals.
Our Chapter always wants to remind our C.C.P.A. board of our top priority, a priority goal of
Third Party Billing, our willingness to support any initiatives in this scope, and hopefully legislation will
be passed so we can do successful lobbying eventually to reach our main goal
Respectfully Submitted,
Lorne Flavelle/Chapter President
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