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Statement on action to be taken in the event of an emergency situation where
a student is suffering from a physical or mental illness.
In the first instance staff should contact Security who will do the following:
Physical Illness
Mental Health Issue
Contact the nearest First Aider
Contact the Mental Health Practitioner
Ext. 3993
First Aider will attend the scene to
assess situation. Wherever
necessary they will either:
 decide to remove student to
other environment e.g. hospital/
 advise the student to see their
 Discuss the situation with
Student Support & Wellbeing re
contacting parents/partner/Halls
staff/flat mates
Mental Health Practitioner will attend
scene and assess the situation. The
Mental Health Practitioner may:
 decide immediate hospital referral is
 arrange to take the student to
GP/home/ place of safety
 ensure all appropriate contacts are
made aware of the situation.
For situations arising out of hours staff should contact Security who are able
to liaise with relevant staff out of hours.
Where it is felt that hospital intervention is needed and the student is reluctant
to go, Police intervention may be necessary.
Please note: only Security/Mental Health Practitioner/Student Support &
Wellbeing Senior Staff should make this decision.
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