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Researchers advise the government to agree GM technology
Leon Bahati
Scientists have said there is a need for Tanzania and other African
countries using the Genetic Modifying technology in food production.
The move came at a time when there is an establishment of low in the
coutry which is not allowing the GM technology to be practiced in
Several scientists interviewed by this newspaper yesterday at different
times, have argued that the GM technology is very important at this time
when food production is declining rapidly and at the same time many
children are suffering from malnutrition.
The Director of the Tropical Pesticides Research Institute (TPRI), Dr
Roshan Abdallah said the food shortage in the country is caused by many
factors including climate change.
"The overall food production in the country has dropped so much now
many farmers are unable to produce to fullfill the basic need of their
family," warned Dr. Roshan.
He said the technology of genetic changes is important in being able to
eliminate the problem but still state laws do not allow the use.
Dr. Roshan said his government imeipa institutions responsible for
investigating such technology but said actual results may spend more than
five years.
"Currently our research is in the laboratory stage ... Later we went to trial
in a particular place ... It could take us more than five years to complete,"
said Dr. Roshan who oversees the survey.
Despite the situation, he warned, saying over time so the impact of climate
change and increasing food situation worse.
The researcher explained the beauty of technology is a modified change
that will enable farmers to seed bears abundant, drought resistant and less
susceptible to pests of plants.
He said the technology is used to China and managed to increase
production and to significantly reduce the problems of malnutrition.
Another researcher, Dr. Paul Msolwa from Sokoine University of Agriculture
(SUA) said basically no evidence suggesting that the GM technology can
cause health problems.
A scientist from the Mikocheni Agricultural Research Institute (MARI), Dr
Joseph Ndunguru said their organisation have the modern laboratories that
can help Tanzanian to use the technology, but they are waiting for
government permission.
Scientists describe GM as the methods that introduce new traits or
characteristics to an organism. For example, plants may be genetically
engineered to produce characteristics that enhance the growth or
nutritional value of food crops.
Foods from genetically engineered organisms, also known as biotech foods
and referred to by some as food from genetically modified organisms
(GMOs), have been in food supply for about 20 years in United Sate of
America (USA).
Un US, the technology have been regulated by Food and Drug
Administration (FDA) to help ensure that they are safe to eat.
According to FDA, the technology have been uses in USA the term
"genetically engineered," or "GE," have been used to distinguish plants that
have been modified using modern biotechnology from those modified
through traditional breeding.
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