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Announcement of Doctoral Defence
On [date] at [time], [First name SURNAME] is defending [his/her] doctoral thesis and
additional positions at the KU Leuven Faculty of Law, with a view to obtaining the degree of
doctor in [law/criminology].
The public defence takes place in [place]. The professors wear academic robes.
The title of the doctoral thesis is: [Title]
A summary of the doctoral thesis is available at: [link to PhD calendar].
The doctoral student also defends two supplementary theses, listed below.
The supervisor is Prof. Dr. [Name]. The co-supervisor is [Name]. The other members of the
examining committee are Prof. Dr. [name 1 (institute)], [name 1 (institute)]...
[First name SURNAME] was born in [place of birth] on [date of birth]. In [year] [he/she]
obtained the degree of [degree (university)] and in [year] the qualification of [qualification].
[Period from to] [he/she] worked as [profession]. Since [month year ] [he/she] has been
[profession at... in...]
Supplementary theses
1. [position]
2. [position]
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