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25 February 2015
Time for Labor and LNP to tell public where they stand on Ambulance crisis
Queensland Ambulance Officers are calling on both Labor and the LNP to state publicly whether or not
they support Ambulance Officers’ campaign to fix the current crisis in the ambulance service.
It’s all part of the Code One campaign launched by the Ambulance Officers’ union last month to revive
Ambulance Officers’ union, United Voice, wrote to Labor leader Annastacia Palaszczuk and LNP leader
Campbell Newman asking them to make public their response to the Code One campaign.
United Voice Queensland Secretary Gary Bullock said with the state election just weeks away, voters
need to know whether or not supporting Ambulance Officers will be on the agenda of the next
“Both the LNP and Labor should be aware that this is an election issue and the public will not support a
party which turns its back on our ambos,” said Mr Bullock
“Last month we launched the Code One campaign to tackle this crisis. We wrote to both political
parties outlining what Ambulance Officers want the next government to do in order to fix the problems
in QAS.”
The Code One campaign calls on politicians to take action to fix all aspects of the crisis by committing to
a ten point action plan which includes:
No privatisation of ambulance services
Fixing the fatigue crisis by addressing issues such as unfilled shifts, meal breaks and
Increasing ambulance numbers by 600 over 3 years
Rostering for best practice emergency dispatch and patient records
Introduction of professional registration
“Now is the time for both party leaders to tell the public where exactly they stand on the crisis in
Queensland Ambulance Service and whether or not their party is committed to taking action to tackle
this crisis if they are elected.”
For further information contact Susan Butler on 0428 189 130
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