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2015 Peewee 2A State Tournament Rules
1. USA Hockey/WAHA playing rules shall be used.
2. Periods will consist of 3- 15 minute periods (Running Time
whenever a team has a 6 goal lead)
3. Ice Resurfacing will occur after every 2 periods
4. Penalties will consist of 2 minutes (minor), 5 minutes (major), and
10 minutes (misconduct)
5. Each game will have a 5 minute warm-up time prior to the start of
the game and a 3 minute rest between periods. Note if the ice is
being resurfaced during the game, a 12 minute intermission will
be used.
6. Overtime will consist of 8 minute- Page 49 of the WAHA
Guidebook, games ending in a tie after regulation play shall
continue, with sudden victory overtime until a winner is
7. All teams should be ready to go on the ice 15 minutes prior to
your scheduled game time
8. Teams will have a maximum of twenty players on the roster.
9. Tournament Protests: See page 52-53 of the WAHA Guidebook
paragraph 28.
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