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Media Statement
Ambos to fight privatisation
United Voice, the ambulance officers union claims lives will be put in danger if Queensland patient
transport service is privatised.
It comes following a recommendation in the Keelty Report on Emergency Services which claims there is
a ‘compelling case for contestability’ with regards to the patient transport service.
Queensland Secretary of United Voice, Gary Bullock said the union will fight any plans to turn patient
transport into a glorified taxi service.
Mr Bullock said “Patient transport is a vital part of Queensland Ambulance Service and outsourcing this
service will be a disaster.”
“85% of ambulance officers surveyed just over a month ago believe that PTS should not be privatised as
it is a vital link in the service delivery chain.”
“PTS provides a pool of staff and vehicles to back up primary care crews when required and is a resource
in multi casualty incidents.”
“I have no doubt that patients will suffer if this service is privatised as profits will come before patient
care and safety.”
“PTS in Queensland is so effective because there are highly qualified staff operating it. While the service
is under the remit of QAS, they have the ability to monitor the quality and performance of these officers,
which a private provider may not do.”
“If PTS is privatised, corners will be cut, the cheapest available option on everything from vehicles to
maintenance to staff training will become the norm.”
“We only have to look at the floods disaster in Bundaberg earlier this year. Patient transport officers
played a vital role in ensuring lives were saved, working long hours, assisting in evacuations and caring
for the injured.”
“That’s why we will be launching a campaign shortly against any attempts to privatise Queensland
Patient Transport Service.”
For further information contact Susan Butler on 0428189130
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