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28 January, 2015
In 2015 the World Agility Open championships will be held in Ermelo, Netherlands, from 15-17 May. This
is a fantastic venue perfectly set to host a world-class agility competition. (See details on the WAO website
We are planning to put together an international team of helpers from across Europe, including the UK and
US. This document is designed to: 1) help you decide if you are able and interested in attending; 2) give you
an idea of the areas in which we’re looking for help; and 3) provide us with information that will help us
assign jobs appropriately.
We will be requiring helpers from Monday, 11 May through Sunday, 17 May, with a majority of the helpers
needed on Friday and Saturday. We are hoping to have two ring crews for each ring, which will allow
helpers to work half days (07:00–13:00 or 13:00–19:00 approximately). Other teams will have busy and less
busy periods to take breaks.
Also note that we are going to require that helpers attend a training session on either Wednesday or
Thursday afternoon.
Our 2015 Helper’s Package announced includes:
WAO clothing item
Drinks & snacks while working
Free admission to the event
Free camping at the site (electricity is not included but can be booked at 10 euros/day)
If you are interested in helping with next year’s WAO, please complete the following form and return it to
[email protected] The WAO Organizing Committee will use the information you have provided
to assign roles accordingly. We will send out complete information regarding final helper assignments in
April 2015.
Thank you for your interest; this really is a unique opportunity to get involved and help at a world-class
agility event and watch the world’s top dogs and handlers in action at a fantastic location.
Greg Derrett & Monica Percival
WAO Organizing Committee
2015 WAO Helper Application Form
Your Name: _______________________________________________________________
Mobile phone number: ______________________________________________________
Email address (regularly checked): _____________________________________________
T-shirt size, Unisex (SM, MD, LG, XL, 2X, 3X) ______________________________________
Camping spot required?
(Note: If you are traveling with other helpers and
will be sharing a camping spot, only 1 person should answer Yes to this question.)
What day will you be arriving: _________________________________________________
Will you require an electrical hook-up? __________________________________________
Are you traveling with another person and want to be assigned to the same group of
helpers? Please give name(s) of other helper(s): ____________________________________
Do you speak English:
What other languages do you speak? _____________________________________________
Which days are you available to help? Please check all that apply:
Which helper teams are you interested in? Please check off all that apply:
Pre-event Setup Crew (unloading trailer, moving equipment, ring building &
decoration, etc.): Mon & Tues
Pre-event Support Team (preparing welcome bags, setting up manager’s table &
trade stands & offices, general assistance, etc.): Monday to Thurs
Ring Crew (pole picking, collecting ring, calling, course building, etc.): Wed to Sun
Timing (running electronic timers or backup stopwatch): Thurs to Sun
Scribing (recording judges calls on scribe sheets): Thurs to Sun
Scorekeeping (entering data in computer scoring program, etc.): Thurs to Sun
Ceremonies (assisting with opening/closing ceremonies): Thurs to Sun
Help Desks (help/information desks - English & Dutch required): Thurs to Sun
Hospitality (making sure helpers & judges have snacks and drinks available):
Thurs to Sun
Do you have other special skills that might be useful during this event? ____________________
Thank you again for your interest. Please return to [email protected]
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