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You are on holiday in Disneyland. You and a friend
have $35 to spend on lunch.
In pairs:
1. Choose a restaurant in Disneyland:
a. Magic Kingdom:
- Be Our Guest Restaurant
- Casey’s Corner: Tony's Town Square
b. Animal Kingdom
- Rainforest Café
- Pizzafari
2. Each of you needs to choose a drink, a main course and a dessert.
3. Open a Word document and write the answers to these questions:
a. Which restaurant did you choose?
b. Where is the restaurant?
c. Which drink, main course and dessert did you eat?
d. How much money did the lunch cost?
e. Do you recommend this restaurant?
4. Present your answers to the class.
Be Our Guest Restaurant
...Casey's Corner: Tony's Town Sq
Rainforest Cafe
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