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The Five Regions
High! I’m Jake.
Let me tell you about the time me and my family visited five of the eight regions.
The Appalachian Highlands, Interior Lowlands, Rocky Mountains, Basin and Range, and the
Coastal Range.
It was just plain awesome!
So me and my family went to go see the amazing regions.
First, we went to Florida, my home state.
We went there to see it’s fantastic harbors, and it’s nice, humid, weather around seventy to
ninety degrees.It also never gets old going to the beach with friends and family.
Then, we to Washington D.C to see the spectacular Coastal Range. With it’s beautiful fertile
land, and view of the Pacific ocean, it would be a nice place to visit. Did I mention the White
house? It would be awesome to also visit some of there museums too.
After that, me and my family boarded a plane to see the Appalachian Mountains in Maine. It
was so cool! I mean, the mountains are the oldest mountains in the world! Wow! And it was all
caused by good old erosion. It’s awesome that Maine gets to be a state that has some of the
worlds oldest mountains.
Next we went to Wyoming to see the great Rocky Mountains that stretch from Alaska to almost
Mexico! How crazy is that! It was an awesome place to be. The mountains were huge!
Finally, we went to Idaho to see the Basin and Range. We got to see Death Valley! The Varying
elevations were so awesome! It looked like steps that were going down a few feet every step.
I love all the places me and my family went to. I highly recommend you go to at least one of
these places with your family because I know you will have as much fun as I did. If I could do it
again, I would most definitely say yes.
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