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This Year in Religious
Education at UUFH
Sunday Morning for Families
10:15 AM
Nursery Opens
Our nursery is open and staffed before the
service for children under three years of age.
10:30 AM
Worship Begins
Children attend the beginning of the service
with their parents. Infants, toddlers and
children are always welcome in the service.
William Ellery Channing, foremost
Unitarian theologian, articulates the goals,
meaning and importance of religious
education for our children. “We support the
free and responsible search for truth and
meaning for adults and children alike.
Recognizing that we are all teachers and
learners, we seek to provide a safe,
welcoming, supportive, and challenging
atmosphere for all.
The great end in religious instruction…is
not to stamp our minds irresistibly on the
young, but to stir up their own; not to make
them see with our eyes, but to look
inquiringly and steadily with their own; not to
give them a definite amount of knowledge,
but to inspire a fervent love of truth…not to
impose religion upon them in the form of
arbitrary rules which rest on no foundation
but our own word and will, but to awaken the
consciousness, the moral discernment, so
that they may discern and approve for
themselves what is everlastingly right and
11:00 AM
Religious Education Classes
Children are dismissed from the service to go
to their classes. You are always welcome to
visit your children’s classes.
11:30 AM
Worship Ends
Coffee and tea are served during social hour.
12:00 PM
Classes and Childcare End
Children must be collected from their
classrooms by a parent or guardian BEFORE
12:00 PM. They are welcome to return with
their parent(s) to the Social Hall.
Religious Education Program
Why should I have my children participate in
Religious Education?
In short, if you don't educate your kids
about religion, they will find information
elsewhere. We strive to support critical
thinking, compassion and a broad
knowledge of Unitarian Universalism.
We honor parents as primary religious
educators. To that end, both the Minister
and Director of Religious Education strive to
support the goal of lifelong learning. Please
visit our website at to learn more.
Religious Education Curriculum
Our Religious Education curriculum is
designed to build and strengthen our
children’s Unitarian Universalist (U.U.)
The goals are to:
Identify the U.U. principles.
Trace the history of our faith,
founders, and other famous
Unitarians and Universalists.
● Understand the history of the
Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of
Huntington, and what commitment to
our Fellowship means.
● Develop U.U. values and to “live” the
● Discuss Unitarian Universalism in the
context of world religions.
The implementation of these goals will vary
with childhood and youth development
stages. Both members and visitors are
welcome to register children for the Religious
Education Program, which is the U.U. name
for the Sunday School. Registration takes
just a moment and can be done on any
We ask that all children be registered by
their fourth visit. Registration forms are
available to download and print from the
registration forms page, and at the church.
Return forms via mail, fax or email to Austen
Petersen, Director of Religious Education.
Coming of Age (COA)
UU Activities Outside UUFH
Our Coming of Age program helps youth in
7th and 8th grade explore their Unitarian
Universalist faith. Culminating in a credo
statement presented to the Fellowship in a
service in June, lessons are designed to
hone personal beliefs and theological
Through weekend programs and study
projects, teens work with trained leaders and
mentors to gain an understanding of
Unitarian Universalism. The program
includes youth from many U. U.
congregations in a weekend trip to the
Unitarian Universalist Association
headquarters in Boston and other U. U.
historic sites.
There are multiple programs in which
children and youth can participate. Please
contact the Director of Religious Education,
Austen Petersen, with questions at
[email protected]
Our Whole Lives
The Our Whole Lives program has various
developmentally appropriate sessions,
among them Kindergarten - First Grade,
Middle School, and Senior High. The Our
Whole Lives curriculum was developed
together by the Unitarian Universalist
Association and the United Church of Christ,
and is known as the golden standard in
sexuality education. The focus for all ages is
comprehensive sexuality education, safety,
and self-awareness.
Our Whole Lives helps participants make
informed and responsible decisions about
their sexual health and behavior. It equips
participants with accurate, age-appropriate
information in six subject areas: human
development, relationships, personal skills,
sexual behavior, sexual health, and society
and culture.
Sophia Fahs Camp
Sophia Fahs RE Camp is held at Camp
Quinipet on Shelter Island. The camp has
recreation fields, a swimming area, dining
and recreation halls, dorms/cabins, and
more. Long Island Area children and youth,
grades 3-12, enjoy a UU community for one
week in August each year. The program
supports approximately 100 campers and 35
adult staff members, including a minister.
Usually, UUFH has about 40 families. For
more information:
Cons (Conferences)
There are both Senior and Junior High
"Cons" hosted at the district level. Please
check this link for the most updated
UUUNO (Unitarian Universalist United
Nations Organization)
A Youth Envoy acts as a link or liaison
between our Congregation and the work of
the Unitarian Universalist United Nations
Office (UU-UNO). In other words, Envoys
report the efforts of our Congregation related
to the United Nations and bring pertinent
information from the UUUNO to our
congregation. For more information:
Social Justice College
The Unitarian Universalist College of Social
Justice (UUCSJ) assists Unitarian
Universalist congregations to harness
collective power for change through trips and
programs that provide an exciting, hands-on
experience for current leaders and future
activists of any age! We help build capacity
for moving justice forward. The college is an
enduring educational institution that
transforms lives. For more information:
Unitarian Universalist
Fellowship of Huntington
109 Browns Road
Huntington, NY 11743
Rev. Jude Geiger, Minister
[email protected]
Austen Petersen, Director of
Religious Education [email protected]
631.423.1504 (fax)
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