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DBACT Regatta Info
Please arrive promptly at Grevillea Park on Saturday for a 7am for roll call. As Team Lists have to be submitted
shortly after this, it is important we know everyone on that list is present at roll call. If you are unable to attend
the Regatta, please email [email protected] by the Friday before the Regatta. On the day, if you
are running late or unable to attend please text/call Michelle (DB Operations Director) ASAP on 0417061034.
DBACT ID cards
DBACT has advised that the cards are will ready very soon. As soon as we have them, we will be handing them out
to members. If you have any questions about your membership please contact Dave at
[email protected]
New members
The Club will lend out for the day a paddle and race top to new members that have registered with the Club.
Enclosed shoes
Enclosed shoes are mandatory for training and racing for everyone (paddlers, drummers, sweeps and DBACT
volunteers). DBACT will be checking at the Regatta that people have enclosed shoes.
When you see our DBACT volunteers on the weekend please make sure you give them a high-5 for helping out once
Parking is at the Department of Defence in Russell. For safety precautions please cross Morsehead Drive at the traffic
lights and pedestrian crossings at the intersection of Parks Way, Morse Head Drive and Kings Ave. Please ensure you
do not park at the hospice or the restaurant car parks.
Our DBACT volunteers as well as the equipment officer are all welcome to park in the VIP parking on Mendindee
Drive as a thank you for your contribution!
Set up and pack up
Thanks always for your continued assistance with setting up our ID site. DBACT has asked us to assist the duty teams
with setting and packing up all the DBACT equipment, as many hands make light work.
Loading and unloading boats
DBACT request that the strokes for each team please assist the boat wranglers with holding the boat when loading
and unloading to ensure your teams safely. Thanks for your assistance.
Finish area
Please respect the needs of the time keepers and finish line crew to be able to see the finish of the races so be wary
not to block their view.
Whether the weather
As we know, the weather can be a bit unpredictable so pack for plenty of sun with wet weather gear as well, just in
case wind and rain arrives. To help you plan for the weather check out the Canberra Forecast
If you have any questions or for some reason you can’t make it to the regatta please contact Michelle at
[email protected]
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