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12 Months of Health
Health isn’t something that happens overnight. It is also not something that goes away overnight.
Health is something that needs to be worked on every day. Here is a list of monthly things that you can
work on over the next year.
1. January- What are your values? You must know what you value if you want to live an amazing
life. Take this month and really think about it. Each week write down things that you enjoy. At
the end of the month categorize these things together and see what your values actually are. A
great resource is a book by Dr. John Demartini call “The Value Factor.”
2. February- For the month of February we need to remember our loved ones. Make sure you are
spending enough time with your significant other, kids, family and friends.
3. March- What supplements do you take? In our society today it is vital that we take a few
supplements. The 4 we currently recommend are Vitamin D, Omega 3, Whole Food
Multivitamin, and Probiotics.
4. April- It is getting warmer outside, now is the time to start walking, hiking, or running more. Go
to your local park. Find a new trail to hike.
5. May- Do not become your diagnosis. Whatever you have been diagnosed with, you can
overcome it. You are not what you have been diagnosed with. No matter what the symptoms
or disease, others have overcome it and so can you.
6. June- While our society creates fear over sunlight exposure, it is vital to your health. Go out in
the sunlight and allow your body to produce the vitamin D it requires. You do not need to be in
the sunlight very long.
7. July- Take July as an opportunity to see how your year is going. If it is not going how you want it.
Make some changes. Change some of you goals.
8. August- Do healthy people take drugs? No. If you have been slowly adding more drugs
(prescription or over the counter) you are heading in the wrong direction. Make healthy
changes to move in the other direction.
9. September- Your kids are back in school, which means they are sitting a lot! Make sure they are
getting enough movement each day. This can give you an opportunity to get your movement in
also. A great way to bond with your family.
10. October- October is National Chiropractic Month. Have you been checked in a while? When
was the last time your family was checked? If you have not been checked in a while give us a
call to see how you are doing.
11. November- Did you know that when your nervous system is functioning better your immune
system is functioning better? Before you go out a get a flu shot read up or talk to Dr. Keith.
They have never shown to do much and in some cases cause more harm.
12. December- Gratitude. The month of December is great to focus on what you have. Do not get
caught up in what you don’t have. Be grateful for what you have.
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