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Press Release
Berlin, March 2013
Pioneering new Levels of Hygiene and
Ergonomics - Electrolux Professional Launches
the new Evolution Barrier Range Washers for
Care Industry
New Evolution Range of
Barrier Washers
WSB5180H, WSB5250H,
Electrolux Professional launches its new Evolution Range of Barrier Washerextractors, offering the healthcare industry, hospitals and nursing homes a laundry
solution with the best ergonomics and user-friendly technologies. It provides the
most durable solution to help regain full control of laundry quality, maintenance
and hygiene, whilst optimising cost, safety and labour effectiveness.
Meeting Customer Needs
Evolution Range
Reversible Door with a near
180° Opening Angle
The Pullman inspired Range is a result of Electrolux Professional’s longstanding
experience, customer insight and close cooperation with global hygiene experts to
fully maximise laundering efficiency and minimise operational costs. In response
to customer needs, the washers are a state of the art, cost saving laundry solution,
with unrivalled ergonomic designs. As Esther Staskiewicz, head of marketing at
Electrolux Professional (Business Unit Laundry Systems) explained, “We work
closely with healthcare professionals to develop best-in-class solutions and to
deliver equipment that is most ergonomic, efficient and easy to use. Innovations
are directly inspired by their needs.”
Hygiene is paramount
Electrolux Professional’s new Evolution range of Barrier Washers is designed to
meet the utmost hygiene standards in order to provide healthcare institutions with
guaranteed linen safety and ultimate control of laundry management. With its
unique Hygiene Watchdog function, the Evolution Barrier Range ensures100%
fulfilment of linen hygiene including RABC requirements.
Evolution Range
User-friendly Compass Pro®
Ergonomics Excellence
The new Evolution Barrier Range has been built to maximise ergonomics,
performance, safety and labour effectiveness. Evolution offers the only optimal
working height washer, measuring in at 850mm, for loading/unloading, as well as
newly designed reversible doors with a near 180° opening angle. Machine lifetime
is enhanced, as well as energy and water savings with Electrolux’s unique Power
Balance detection system. The user-friendly Compass Pro® interface is intuitive,
offering up to 55 programs and available in 18 languages, allowing for ease of
program selection, whilst the machines structure features a USB port to facilitate
installation of the latest process validation Certus Management™ software.
Evolution Range
100% Hygiene
Inner Drum Opening
Viale Treviso, 15
33170 Pordenone
+39 0434 380 1
+39 0434 380 201
[email protected]
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Electrolux has a longstanding reputation for its strong commitment to
sustainability, achieving top rankings by global indices for their social and
environmental performance. The New Evolution Barrier Range exemplifies
continued sustainability as machines are built with 95% recyclability, and its
durable, robust construction and high technology manufacturing respects all
environmental aspects. Its Integrated Saving and Efficient Dosing System
provides significant time, labour, detergent, water and energy savings, all whilst
maintaining the best linen quality.
The new Evolution Barrier Range assures the best ergonomics, 100% hygiene,
serviceability and in-house laundry control, along with continued environmental
sustainability in order to provide a complete, cost effective and superior laundry
Quick Facts:
Electrolux Professional’s new Evolution Barrier Range comes in three models:
Evolution Range
Newly Designed Ergonomics
for Optimal Working Height
WSB5180H 180 litre drum volume
WSB5250H 250 litre drum volume
WSB5350H 350 litre drum volume
Savings, Efficiency and Return on Investment
Space saving design with12.5% more capacity per cycle and 10% less
footprint than other machines on the market
12.5% -14% production increase
Significant lower environmental footprint thanks to its unique technology,
100% hygiene fulfilment and optimised water, energy and detergent usage
Maintenance and Serviceability
Always near. Always there for you.
A reliable, global presence: Electrolux Professional offers the most extensive
service network of skilled, authorised partners for daily tasks: installation, spare
parts and maintenance. All provide efficient customer service and fast technical
assistance. A global service network is available for prompt, expert advice
Evolution Range
Easy Maintenance and
1,900 authorised service centres
Over 7,000 expert technicians
44,000 available spare parts in stock
Spare parts are available for at least 10 years from the end of production
24-48 hr spare parts delivery worldwide
20,000 customers serviced every day
Viale Treviso, 15
33170 Pordenone
+39 0434 380 1
+39 0434 380 201
[email protected]
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Electrolux Professional is a leading global supplier to the catering, hospitality and care industry
providing professional kitchens and laundry solutions. With the most comprehensive range of
appliances for food preparation and preservation, dishwashing, and laundry systems, Electrolux is a
brand synonymous with reliability, innovation and sustainability. It has 90 years’ experience and a
portfolio of products designed according to strictest quality, safety and sustainability standards.
Electrolux Professional is recognised worldwide for its social and environmental performance and its
product lines meet and exceed international standards. In 2011 Electrolux Professional had sales of
about EUR 650 million, approximately 2,600 employees, 7 factories, over 1,000 dealers and almost
2,000 service partners located in more than 70 countries. For more information, visit the web site:
Viale Treviso, 15
33170 Pordenone
+39 0434 380 1
+39 0434 380 201
[email protected]
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