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Energy-Water-Food: In Search of Resilience
this is the black marble hours
at night
dazzling light reveal humanities imprint across the planet's vast landscape
with each passing year new lights add to the shimmering glow
as the human population rises to nine billion
by mid-century
it takes water
and energy together with food to fuel civilization
but the pressure is increasing for all
on in 2012 the worst drought in 50 years
Britain the United States your
and recently the largest power outage in history left more than half with India
in darkness more
im global stores a grain for their lowest levels
since the 1970s in part
due to extreme weather
and the United Nations warns that more extreme weather
move could trigger a hunger crisis
in an age of climate change we can no longer look at food water
in energy as separate challenges
they are all interconnect
are you so the energy has altered the Clyde
and threatened farm
yet nearly a third of our energy is spent producing food
we use more water to create energy that
ever before and then members on track to double
in the next 25 years
shallow water supply Sri we use even more energy to pump water from
deeper wells
ocean water can be desalinated in facilities
like this one
get the process requires huge amounts of energy
the all around the world just as there are signs of stress
there are also signs of hope
communities business and individuals are making changes
Kristianstad Sweden aims to free itself entirely from fossil energy
by extracting methane from the waist up its core
in food industry
in northern Sulawesi Indonesia villagers plans a tampering the sugar palm trees
and process the juice into ethanol
in western Kenya new bio char cooks does
boost hell and enrich the soil
in Brazil new efforts are under way to recycle the water used
in production to buy off you
so much can happen between now in 2050 but the decisions we make today
will shape the quality of our future and determine the long-term sustainability
of the planet
it's time to change the way we think
adapt to new challenges and create
innovative solutions to meet the needs
ever-changing world
and the solutions are out there
by working together we will find
and together we will build a better future
that we can all share the mood
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