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Emergency Service workers step up campaign in Cairns
When: 10am, Thursday 29th November
Where: Opposite Cairns Fire Station
What: Cairns emergency service workers launch TV ad campaign
Ambulance officers and fire fighters in Cairns are stepping up their campaign against Campbell
Newman’s attempts to downgrade Queensland Emergency Services.
On Thursday, they’ll reveal to the media details of their TV and online ad campaign. It’s the latest
step in a joint campaign against government cutbacks to emergency services.
State Secretary of United Voice, the ambulance officers union, Gary Bullock says “We have
attempted to negotiate in good faith with this government however they are not interested and
have referred us to the Industrial Relations Commission where there has been no progress.”
“Clearly Campbell Newman does not care about community safety; he refuses to meet us and listen
to our concerns.”
“This dispute has been going on since August and our members have had enough. As of this week we
are really ramping up our campaign.”
“Emergency Service workers cannot stand by while the Newman Government attempts to silence
them, remove their conditions and ultimately put the community at risk.”
“The last thing ambos and firies want is to take to the streets in protest but we have done it in
Brisbane, Mackay and Bundaberg and now we are planning our next move in Cairns.”
“On Thursday, we launch our TV ad campaign in Cairns letting the public know what will happen to
Queensland’s emergency services if Campbell Newman is not stopped.”
“We always said that spending money on an advertising campaign or taking industrial action would
be a last resort but Campbell Newman has left us with no choice.”
“We already have more actions planned in Cairns and Townsville in the coming weeks; we will not
give the Premier free reign to destroy Queensland emergency services.”
For further information contact Susan Butler on 0428189130 or Craig Crawford 0437180594
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