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FAQs English
What’s the difference between acceptance as a doctoral student and admission to the application
After having been accepted as a doctoral student start/continue writing your thesis; after completion of
your dissertation you are eligible to apply for the graduation procedure.
I would like to enroll as a PhD student because I need to buy a NALDO monthly pass. Can I get my letter
of acceptance immediately?
No, you can’t. The applications are processed in the order in which they are received, with the exception
of urgent issues (e.g. if someone need the letter of acceptance sooner in order to apply for a visa)
How do I know if someone is a full-time professor at the Faculty of Science?
Check in the staff directory (printed version) or online in the LSF (=Lehre, Studium, Forschung):
generally referred to as the “Vorlesungsverzeichnis” (Guide to all courses of all subjects, which is
issued at the beginning of each semester)
Are there any rules or regulations concerning cumulative dissertations?
According to the Rules and Guidelines for Doctoral Studies in the Faculty of Science, at least two
manuscripts must have been accepted for publication. You should talk about your concept with your
You can request “Recommendations for a doctoral thesis as accumulation of publications/manuscripts”
by writing an e-mail to [email protected] (also available online).
I would like my oral exam to take place on a certain date, is that possible?
The day of your oral examination depends largely on the receipt of the expert reports, which is why this
cannot be answered before the expert reports have been received. Three weeks after receipt of the
expert reports, the oral examination can take place (2 weeks/display of the dissertation at the university,
1 week for issuing invitations to the oral exam). Please note: During the vacation, display of the
dissertation is 4 weeks!
Please also note: If you do set an appointment for the oral exam before you have officially been
approved for the graduation procedure or before the expert reports have been received, the Dean’s
Office will not be able to guarantee this appointment!
In what way does the dissertation have to be handed in when applying for the graduation procedure?
It makes sense to submit it in double-sided print in an A4 format, spiral bound or book bound. This
version is for the supervisors.
In the Rules and Guidelines for Doctoral Studies in the Faculty of Science, there is no fixed time frame
given. It says that there that the dissertation must be completed within an “appropriate time frame”.
What exactly does that mean?
There are no specifications.
Is there an application period for the summer and the winter term?
No, there isn’t - not for applications for doctoral studies or the admission to the application procedure.
You can apply at any time (of course it might sometimes take a bit longer until we get back to you if you
apply during vacation time)
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