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Eva Hartmann has widely published in German, English and French on issues related to the
internationalisation of social policies, commodification and privatisation. Her studies examine
more precisely the internationalisation of higher education, educational diplomacy, cross-border
labour mobility and the internationalisation of labour market policy. Her current research studies
the internationalisation of healthcare services. These studies provide the background against
which Eva Hartmann aims to contribute to a better understanding of the transnationalisation of
society and the interaction between non-economic and economic social relations in this context.
She is currently working on a book on the societal role of quality standards in the global (service)
economy and edits a volume on international economic sociology.
Eva Hartmann studied sociology in Zurich and Frankfurt on the Main and obtained her PhD
degree in political science from the University of Kassel where she also was a lecturer before
taking up a research and teaching position at the University of Lausanne. Eva Hartmann was also
invited as a visiting research fellow at the United Nations University in Bruges, at London King’s
College and the University of Hertfordshire and spent a number of years outside academia
working for international organisations. Eva Hartmann is currently a research fellow at the Centre
of Global Social Policies and Governance of the University of Kassel and a member of the
Interdisciplinary Research Centre on the International at the University of Lausanne. After having taught
at different universities in Switzerland and Germany she now teaches at the Graduate Institute in
Geneva a course on the social foundations of global trade in services.
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