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Kolova M.
Scientific advisers: Kislitsina J., Shiyataya L.
Khanty-Mansiysk, Center of Arts
for Talented Children of the North
A project “Maintenance of Russian traditions in modern fashion” promotes
creative self-realization and professional self-determination. It is intended to draw
public attention to the problems of preserving historic and cultural potential in
modern society.
The relevance of the project is caused by the need to promote Russian
traditions and to insure their continuity.
Scientific novelty of the project lies in the original theoretical research themes
of composite solutions products and demonstration of the practical application of
traditional techniques in every day fashion.
The main purpose of the study is an attempt to achieve maximum knowledge
of patchwork technique, expressing the understanding of the present topics and
demonstration of the preservation of the traditions of this type of sewing in modern
clothes and accessories.
To achieve this goal the following tasks were consistently solved:
1. The study of art quilts "Patchwork".
2. Research and development of the author's design sketch of the product.
3. Pattern making of a handbag, vest, panel.
4. Modeling using color solution with scraps of fabric.
5. Cutting of a handbag, vest, panel.
6. The manufacture of the product.
The author of the project is a student of the Khanty-Mansiysk Center of Arts
for Talented Children of the North. Khanty-Mansiysk is the administrative, economic
and cultural centre of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug - Yugra, the capital
of one of the most dynamically developing regions of Russia. However, here cherish
the local sights and symbols of the unity of man with nature. Therefore, KhantyMansiysk has become one of the most interesting tourist centers of the country. Every
year the city is visited by many guests from Russia and other and other countries. It
hosts international sporting events - Khanty-Mansiysk is the ski centre of world
importance: the World Championships in summer and winter biathlon, ski
competitions were held there; on the basis of the Ugra chess Academy the world
chess Olympiad took place; Hockey Club Yugra (Khanty-Mansiysk), represents the
city in the Continental hockey League. It also hosts events of national and
international level among people with disabilities. In 2015 Khanty-Mansiysk is
preparing to conduct Surdolimpic games.
The Center of Arts has repeatedly held competitions of national and regional
In the Art department there is a constantly operating Exhibition hall, which
features the works of students of the Centre, including the authoring products
described in the project.
The need to implement the project in two languages was driven by the desire of
the author to introduce foreign guests to our culture, to demonstrate its uniqueness,
richness and diversity.
Patchwork is a form of needle work that involves sewing together pieces
of fabric into a larger design. The larger design is usually based on repeat patterns
built up with different fabric shapes which can be different colors. These shapes are
carefully measured and cut, basic geometric shapes making them easy to piece
together. Patchwork technique has long been used in Russia for manufacturer quilted
items (quilts) and other products.
Evidence of patchwork—piecing small pieces of fabric together to create a
larger piece, quilting layers of textile together—has been found throughout history.
The smallest pieces were laced together forming a single canvas.
From time immemorial in Russia they took care of fabric nevertheless it was
bought or handmade (till XVIII century they used handmade linen). "Domostroy"
contains detailed instructions how to cut dress, sort and save scraps and repair
By the beginning of XX century patchwork together with collage attracted
attention of the artists and futurists, engaged in the search of new means of
The interest to this type of decorative art was revived in the 90-ies of XX
The necessary things for doing patchwork are: various offcuts or special
fabrics for patchwork, a good pair of scissors, a ruler, patterns and colorful threads
and a patchwork scheme.
It is very important in patchwork not only carefully sew the scraps, but to find
the same color, to create a unified picture. In patchwork there is a large variety of
amazing ornaments and figures with interesting names - "Dresden plate", "French
bouquet", "Granny’s Garden.". For those wishing to master the patchwork technique,
there are a lot of books and manuals. You can find useful tips for patchwork, a
description of the techniques and nuances of patchwork style, and a variety of
patchwork schemes.
Originally it was planned to make a set, at least three things: a bag, a vest, a
Creating things based on folk traditions, designs and colors, the author has
acquired great knowledge in this area. The work helped to learn more about the
stages of development of sketches and design of products. Good experience in the
manufacture of products in the technique of patchwork was also acquired.
Modern fashion trends were used in the collection, such as contrast color
combination, the actual elements, inserts, decor.
Also environmentally friendly materials were taken into account - 70% of the
fabrics used for the work are environmentally-friendly, for example: cotton, staple.
In the course of the work the author overcame a number of difficulties of
tailoring process with colored stripes.
As the result there appeared things that are individual and unique. They are
versatile, they can be used in everyday wear and also for special occasions.
Thus we achieved our goal to show continuity of traditional Russian folk art
into the modern fashion.
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