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Media Alert
Newman playing politics with ambos
United Voice, the ambulance officer’s union has accused Campbell Newman of deliberately withholding
plans for privatising parts of Queensland Ambulance Service until after the Federal Election.
The Queensland Government has postponed the delivery of a report by former Police Commissioner
Mick Keelty on the future of Queensland Emergency Services.
Queensland Secretary of United Voice Gary Bullock says the Premier is using ‘delaying tactics’ in order to
ensure the LNP party is not damaged further by his cost cutting measures.
Mr Bullock says “It’s clear that Campbell Newman is waiting to launch another assault on our emergency
services until after the election, so he doesn’t cause further harm for the LNP so close to the election.”
“We have no doubt that this report will recommend the privatisation of parts of our ambulance service
and merging ambulance with Queensland Health, both of which are bad decisions.”
“We know the writing is on the wall as a right to information request submitted by us on these two
issues was denied due to Cabinet confidentiality, it’s clear that moves are well underway to privatise
parts of QAS.”
“We already know that private Victorian based providers are conducting interviews in Brisbane for their
patient transport service and are on a three month trial in the PA.”
“All this of course was done behind closed doors and without any consultation with patient transport
officers or their union- it’s simply not good enough.”
“Our members are fed up of waiting, fed up with lies. We want Campbell Newman and Minister
Dempsey to tell us what’s going on with our ambulance service.”
“The Keelty Report which we all know Campbell Newman plans to use as some sort of mandate for
further privatisation, just like he did with the Costello Report, is gathering dust on the Premier’s desk as
we speak.”
“I say to the Premier, release it now, tell Queenslanders how you plan to destroy their ambulance
service and prepare for our members to fight back.”
For further information contact Susan Butler on 0428189130
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