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I. Переведите на русский язык и определите функцию инфинитива.
1. The engineer’s task is to design a new high-speed device.
2. To translate a sentence is to discover its meaning.
3. They promised to supply us with the necessary equipment.
4. The metal to be used in our experiments is hard.
5. To reinforce the metal engineers use new methods.
6. The purpose of this article is to describe certain properties of metals.
7. To finish this experiment on time you must start it on Monday.
8. The aim of the experiment is to find new methods of treatment.
II. Переведите предложения на русский язык. Помните, что объектный и субъектный инфинитивные
обороты соответствуют придаточным предложениям.
1. They believed him to be an outstanding scientist.
2. I assume this method to be interesting.
3. She didn’t expect me to estimate the significance of this work.
4. This river is known to divide the city into two parts.
5. They proved to be experienced workers in that branch of science.
6. We wish our consumer goods to meet the people’s requirements.
7. The conference to be held next month is reported to be attended by many foreign quests.
8. He seemed to notice all the changes.
III. Выберите правильный вариант перевода для подчеркнутого слова.
1. You must work hard to pass the exam.
a) для того, чтобы сдать b) сдавая с) сдаваемый
2. The problem to be solved will be discussed at the meeting.
а) для того, чтобы решить
b) решаемый
с) которую необходимо решить
3. They sent a letter to inform the news.
а) сообщая
b) для того, чтобы сообщить
с) сообщили
4. This method is not good enough to be used in this field.
а) используемый, применяемый b) использовали, применяли
с) для того, чтобы использовать, применять
5. To determine the right size of the machine is a difficult thing.
а) определенный b) для того, чтобы определить
с) определение
6. To determine the right size of the workspace you should consult the specialist.
a) определенный
b) для того, чтобы определить
с) определение
7. He began to solve this problem.
a) решаемый b) решая
с) решать
Прочитайте текст и выполните задания после текста
Maпу years ago, explorers wanted to find а way by sea from Europe to China.
In 1845, John Franklin left England with 134 men to look for a route through the Arctic.
Franklin’s ships had everything they needed. They had enough food in tins for three years and
thousands of liters of lemon juice to stop disease. They also had two libraries with 3,000 books, excellent
maps, scientific instruments, musical instruments and a new invention: a camera.
Franklin and his men left England on May 19th 1845 and they sailed without problems across the Atlantic
towards Canada. When Franklin arrived at Baffin Bay in July 1845, things were going very well for the
Expedition. On July 26th, some sailors saw Franklin’s ship when they were entering the bay. That was the last
time that anyone saw Franklin and his men alive.
The British government became very worried when they heard nothing from Franklin. They sent
expeditions all returned without any news. The government offered ₤ 20.000 to anybody who could help
Franklin or anybody who had information about Franklin. Nobody came with information.
Then in August 1850 some sailors found the first signs of the Franklin Expedition while they were
searching on Devon Island: some old food tins,some papers, and, something very strange, the graves of three
men. The men all died in January 1846 while Franklin was waiting in Baffin Bay for the ice to melt. But why
did they die? The three men were all young and three deaths in the first months of the expedition were very
strange. What happened to them? And Where were the ships and all the other sailors? The mystery of the
Franklin Expedition was growing stronger…
1) Найдите в тексте ответы на следующие вопросы:
1. How much food did Franklin's ships have?
2. When did Franklin and his men leave England?
3. When was the last time that people saw Franklin and his men alive?
4. What did the British government offer to people who could help Franklin or people who had information
about him?
5. What signs of the Franklin's Expedition did some sailors find?
2) Напишите соответствуют ли предложения содержанию текста (Если предложение верно
напишите “True” , если нет “False”).
Franklin’s ships had enough food for 10 years.
They had orange juice to stop disease.
Franklin and his men sailed across the Atlantic without problems.
The last time that anyone saw Franklin and his men was on July 26th.
The British government didn’t send expeditions to look for Franklin’s ships.
In August 1850 sailors found the graves of three men on Devon Island.
3) Найдите в тексте нужную информацию и закончите предложения.
The mystery of the Franklin Expedition…
They had two libraries, excellent maps, scientific instruments...
In 1845 John Franklin left England with 134 men to look for…
That was the last time that anyone saw Franklin and his men…
On July 26th, some sailors saw Franklin’s ships when…
The government offered ₤ 20.000 to anybody who…
Вариант I
Выберете правильный перевод выделенных слов.
1. It was his brother who brought
а) приносит;
б) принес;
me the letter yesterday.
в) был принесен
2. Numerous questions were being discussed by the commission.
а) обсуждались;
б) были обсуждены; в) обсудили
3. The new equipment will be tested on Monday.
а) было испытано; б) будет испытываться;
в) испытывали
4. They burnt coal to warm the house.
а) был сожжен;
б) сожгут;
5. In spite of all the difficulties the
а) спаслись;
б) были спасены;
в) сжигали
people were saved.
в) буду спасены
6. The tube will be tunneled through the mountain.
а) будут проложены;
б) будет проложена; в) прокладывается
II. Переведите предложения, обращая внимание на времена группы Perfect.
1. He has never been there before.
2. By that time we had already changed our plans.
3. My parents have worked for this company since 1993.
III. Переведите предложения на английский язык, обращая внимание на модальные глаголы и их
1. David can speak Spanish.
2. Edward must speak English at the conference.
3. May I take this book?
Прочитайте текст и выполните задания после текста.
Modern civilization is based on metals and millions of tons are extracted from the surface of the Earth every
year. The place of metals in the modern world is supreme in importance. About three-quarters of all known
chemical elements are metals.
Since the Stone Age, man has found many materials he could work with. However, the materials that helped
him most to develop were the metals. In many regions of the Ancient World man used Jumps of native
metals he could pick from the surface of the ground: gold nuggets, lumps of native copper and silver.
Archaeologists have found evidence of early metal-work dating as far back as 10,000 ВС. Such finds were
made in the Middle East, where deposits of copper were most plentiful. This does not mean that this metal
was easy to find, but that there were more deposits in the Middle East than other parts of the world.
Copper seems to be the first metal which began to oust stone. The need for copper was great indeed. The
advantages that copper had before stone as a material for weapons, tools, were obvious. The metal occurred
naturally in the pure (free) state and had many good things about it: it could readily be worked to any shape,
flattened, pointed and holed. At first, man made it into small things such as arrowheads. Before long,
however, man noticed that when hammered copper becomes harder and stronger, but if it is held over a fire
- soft, malleable, easy to work.
Gold is the most malleable of all the metals. It is much softer than copper and not very strong. But gold has
been valued for thousands of years for its beautiful luster and scarcity.
1) Подберите русские и английские слова.
1. 1. modern
a. а) оружие
2. 2. supreme
b. b) совеременный
3. 3. hard
c. c) чистый, без примисей
4. 4. pure
d. d) тяжелый, сложный
5. 5. weapon
e. e) верхний, высший
2) Найдите в каждом ряду слово, противоположное по значению первому слову ряда.
1. supreme
a) high, b) extreme,
c) greatest,
2. develop
a) evolve,
3. native
a) foreign,
b) local,
c) original,
4. pure
a) clean,
b) mixed,
c) complete,
5. malleable
a) ductile,
b) pliant,
c) plastic,
b) reveal, c) decrease,
d) lowest
d) increase
d) pure
d) free
d) inflexible
3) Вставьте пропущенное слово
1. The place of metals in the _________ world is supreme in importance.
2. However, the materials that helped him most to __________ were the metals.
3. Archaeologists have found ________ of early metal-work dating as far back as 10,000 ВС.
4. Copper seems to be the first metal which began to _______ stone.
5. Gold is the most ___________ of all the metals.
4) Дайте характеристики меди и золота, пользуясь таблицей.
1. Copper
2. Gold
5) Дайте ответы на следующие вопросы.
1. What is modern civilization based on?
2. What were the materials that helped man to develop? Why?
3. When did man start using metals?
4. Why is gold valued so highly?
5. What advantages did copper have over stone?
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