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Media Alert
Ambulance Officers and Firefighters launch TV AD campaign in Bundaberg
When: 10am Friday 26th October
Where: QCU offices, 44 Maryborough Street, Bundaberg.
What: Ambulance Officers and Firefighters launch TV ad campaign
United Voice, the ambulance officers union and the United Firefighters Union are stepping up their
joint campaign against the Newman Government’s attempts to downgrade Emergency Services.
This (Friday) morning in Bundaberg, the Community Safety Minister Jack Dempsey’s electorate, they
will launch their TV ad campaign which will be rolled out locally in the coming weeks.
Secretary of the United Firefighters Union, John Oliver says “We have written to the Minister for
Community Safety on FIVE occasions but he continues to ignore us and our members are angry.”
“We’ve made this ad to send a clear message to the government that we will not be silenced and we
will not go away.”
“Morale is low. Emergency Service workers want assurances that cost cutting will not endanger the
lives of officers or the community.”
United Voice Queensland Secretary Gary Bullock says “We always said that spending money on an
advertising campaign or taking industrial action would be a last resort but Campbell Newman has
left us with no choice.”
“Our members cannot stand by while the Newman Government attempts to silence them, remove
their conditions and ultimately put the community at risk.”
“We have tried to negotiate in good faith with this government but they have washed their hands of
us and now referred this dispute to the Industrial Relations Commission.”
“Already firefighters have taken industrial action and at this stage we are not ruling out going on
strike ourselves. Our members are very angry and will take whatever action is necessary to ensure
community safety is not jeopardised”
For further information contact Susan Butler on 0428189130
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