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Quick installation guide for simpledrive image copy

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1. Install new 2.5" IDE hard drive into the SimpleDrive unit. (See Chapter 2.1 in User Guide)
2. Install SimpleDrive unit onto computer system. (See Chapter 2.2 in User Guide)
3. Boot computer into Windows 95, when it says "Starting Windows 95" Press F8. This will now show a
boot menu. Press 6 which is Command prompt only! This will boot the system to the C:\ prompt.
4. Insert the DOS/Windows 3.x installation diskette into your 3 1/2 floppy drive (A:). Switch to the A:
drive and type "LOAD". This will load the drivers to see the external hard drive into memory.
5. Remove the DOS/Windows 3.x installation diskette.
6. Next install the EZDrive software into the systems floppy drive, and type EZDRIVE and press enter.
7. EZDrive will load and show the drives "seen". From here press enter to agree with the licensing of the
software. Now the main menu starts up and shows the supported hard drives the EZDrive software sees.
Look under "Identified Drives" to make sure this is correct. The SimpleDrive unit should be seen as a
"device 81h- XXXXMB". XXXX is the size of your 2 1/2" hard drive in Megabytes or MB. Now, press
enter on "Setup Hard Drive" in the MAIN MENU. EZDrive will now ask which drive to setup. Select
"Drive 2: Device 81h-xxxxMB" and press enter.
The next screen may or may not give a warning that the "DATA on this device WILL be
OVERWRITTEN", answer YES and press enter. The next screen will show the following.
8. The next screen will show the following statement: "You may copy an exact image of another drive's
data on to the selected drive or you may copy just the files needed to boot the drive to a command prompt."
Select "copy drive 1: Toshiba-DPRA-XXXXMB" and press enter.
9. The EZDrive software may ask if you wish to use FAT32 Partitions. Answer accordingly to which you
10. The EZDrive software will ask which size you wish the new hard drive partition to be. Generally the
software will set it as one large drive, but this can be broken down into different sizes.
11. The last step: Finish "EZDrive will now partition and format the hard drive" press enter to continue. A
screen will now show the percent that has been copied.
12. At last the Screen will come up and say: "Hard Drive Setup Complete! The drive has been partitioned
and formatted. It is recommended that the system is turned off and the EZDrive diskette removed from the
floppy drive.
Any questions or problems should be directed to Simple Technology's Technical Support Group. 800-3677330 X2 Monday-Friday 6:00AM to 6:00PM
JTS 1-99
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