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Were you hoping for a few Silpada pieces under the tree?
Did you receive some holiday cash to spend?
Well you're in luck!!! ......
Make a purchase between December 26 and December 31st
and receive 20% off your purchase!
Call or e-mail me with your order
610-316-8264 or [email protected]
Visa or MasterCard welcome
To view the entire collection, visit
Better yet-book a show in January!
Silpada is adding an extra $100 in January to
your FREE jewelry total!!
Sterling Silver Jewelry... Love it? You have 3 choices:
*Buy it * Sell it* Get it for FREE* Ask me how!
Silpada Designs® - Find yourself in it!
Silpada Designs is Expanding it's Sales Force!
I am looking for New Reps who would like an EXTRA $900 a
Is that YOU? Let's talk!
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