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Young Family Christmas Quiz 2008
This has been one of the most remarkable years of our marriage, one of hard exits, joyous entrances, and many
transitions. We grieved the passing of Bruce’s baby sister, Lynda, in April, and of his mother, Ruth, in July. Only six
and a half weeks after Ruth died, we welcomed our third grandbaby into the world—Oliver Wallace Lifferth. As the
year ended, he, along with our daughter Kaila and the rest of her family, moved to Indiana. For the rest of our
information, you’ll need to take this quiz:
1. Through much of the year, Kaila had major problems with insomnia because:
A) She heard Sarah Palin say that when Putin reared his head, he’d go to Alaska. This gave her vivid nightmares
about troops of Russian snowmen that could be stopped from opening their laser eyes only by the words: Klaatu
Barada Nikto—which Kaila could never remember.
B) Hormones from her pregnancy somehow prevented sleep without weekly injections of Vitamin B.
C) Kaila’s children got completely off schedule and wouldn’t go to sleep until dawn.
D) She became addicted to the new “Guitar Hero: Opera” and stayed up until ridiculous hours singing along with
Madame Butterfly. The addiction abruptly stopped when she delivered Oliver.
2. Besides taking classes at Utah Valley University, Rob started his own business selling:
A) Oversized Chrysler vans (generally targeting markets in the Ozarks).
B) Tahitian Noni Juice.
C) Swords.
D) Subscriptions to the AIG Insurance magazine.
3. Bruce finished
A) The puzzle of seventeenth-century London which he’s been working on for five years.
B) The correspondence course he’s been taking on the advanced chemistry of turning red things into blue things.
(His final project, campaigning for Democrats in Utah, failed, however, so his grade was a C-. He plans to re-do the
final project in two years.)
C) His book on family life in the age of Shakespeare.
D) Decorating his office, mostly in leather furniture and cherry wood accents.
4. Margaret finished
A) The documentary she and Darius Gray have been working on for a few years, called Nobody Knows: The Untold
Story of Black Mormons.
B) Cleaning the laundry room. Since we haven’t seen the floor in three years, we were a little surprised that it was
cement, not carpet.
C) Another novel, called Why I Can’t Write About Vampires (actually a very romantic story of restrained wolverines
who love each other dearly but refuse to act on it until it’s legal in California).
D) Transferring all family photos from our old albums into beautiful scrapbooks, each page a separate creation
involving lace, buttons, wallpaper, and stencils of gospel messages.
5. Julie (who now works in the “kid’s club” at 24 Hour Fitness gym) made a trip to Chicago to:
A) Shadow Margaret during the American Academy of Religion Conference.
B) Record music with a friend.
C) See Wicked and the Museum of Science and Industry.
D) Escape the pile of clothes in the laundry room (which finally prompted Margaret to clean it).
Michael found out:
The difference between Valgus and Varus force.
That he needs glasses—and must wear them when driving. (He now has his license.)
That “You can’t pray a lie” (from Huckleberry Finn).
All of the above.
7. Bruce and Margaret continue serving in the Missionary Training Center, where Bruce is in a branch presidency.
They speak:
A) Pig Latin (special course for Referral Center prank calls).
B) In tongues, and don’t always know what they’re saying.
C) Spanish.
D) French.
8. The Youngs all got very involved politically, at both the local and national levels. They hosted parties and made
phone calls. Bruce created a political blog and even corresponded with a superdelegate. For president, the Youngs
A) THAT ONE and the senator from Delaware.
B) McCain/Palin. (Come on, didn’t everyone in Utah?)
C) Bruce and Margaret Young (write-in candidates).
D) Stephen Colbert (but only in South Carolina).
9. Bruce and Michael had a brief beard-growing contest. The results were somewhat surprising:
A) Michael won easily. Bruce realized that, having been at BYU so long, he is no longer able to grow facial hair. He
considers this a sign. (Bonus point: What is it a sign of?)
B) Bruce won, but most of the beard hairs were white/gray, so if he were to grow a full beard, he’d look either like
Isaiah or Santa Claus, depending on how he combed it.
C) Bruce and Michael tied, and BOTH had red beards.
D) Are you kidding? Bruce would never participate in a beard growing contest. This is a trick question.
10. With everything else going on this year, our various trips seem to fade in significance. Nevertheless, besides
trips that Margaret and Julie made to Chicago, our travel included:
A) Bruce’s trip to England, where he saw Shakespeare plays and attended a conference on C. S. Lewis.
B) Margaret’s trips to various film festivals and conferences (in San Diego; Laramie, Wyoming; and Ogden, Salt
Lake, and St. George).
C) Bruce’s trip to Dallas for a Shakespeare conference.
D) Margaret and Bruce’s trip to the Mormon Arts Foundation retreat at Aspen Grove in Provo Canyon, where they
met artists, writers, musicians, and film makers.
E) An especially memorable trip to San Francisco, where Bruce and Margaret hiked seven or eight miles around the
city, attended the San Francisco Black Film Festival, ate chocolate at Ghirardelli Square and truffles from XOX
Truffles, and saw old friends and made many new ones.
F) All of the above.
11. We are all excited about:
A) Having Julie and Rob take a class together at UVU.
B) Having Michael play Led Zeppelin on his new guitar.
C) Hearing Guitar Hero World Tour music from now until eternity.
D) Life. We love it. We love you. We wish you joy in 2009.
E) All of the above.
From Bruce and Margaret Young
Kaila, Noah, Gabrielle, Alex, and Oliver Lifferth
Robert, Julie, and Michael (Misha) Young
You can take an online self-scoring version of the quiz at
For more on our year, see Bruce’s blog at (with links to other family members’ blogs).
For Julie’s music, see and
Quiz answers: 1: B; 2: C; 3: C; 4: A; 5: B; 6: D; 7: D; 8: A; 9: B; 10: F; 11: E.
(Our family—Margaret, Misha, Bruce, Julie, Rob, & girlfriend Stephanie—on election night)
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