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East West Roads Project (Almaty – Khorgos Section): Western Europe- Western China
International Transit Corridor (CAREC 1b)
Transport sector
Project ID No. P128050
Date: June 25, 2012
This EOI follows the GPN of dated March 21, 2012 Published in the UN Development Business
Issue # 819
The Republic of Kazakhstan has applied for a loan from the International Bank for Reconstruction
and Development toward the cost of proposed new East - West Roads Project: Western EuropeWestern China International Transit Corridor (CAREC 1b & 6b). The Project is part of the
Government program to upgrade of the road corridor from China to Russia through Almaty,
Shymkent, Kyzylorda and Aktobe cities (the Western Europe-Western China Corridor—WEWCC—about 2787km). The Government intends to apply part of the proceeds of the loan from
World Bank to finance consultancy services for project management that will be launched under
the Project in 2012. The individual consultant will work for the Ministry of Transport and
Communications of the Republic of Kazakhstan (the MOTC), mainly through its Committee for
Roads (the Committee). The contract period of consulting assignment will be 18 months.
Contract for Project Management Individual Consultant provides implementation of the efficient
project financial management systems including budgeting, accounting, reporting, internal
control and audit.
Based on above the Ministry of Transport and Communication of the Republic of Kazakhstan now
invites eligible individual consultants to indicate their interest in providing the services described
above. Interested consultants must provide information indicating that they are qualified to
perform the services (brochures, description of similar assignments, experience in similar
conditions, availability of appropriate skills, etc.).
The Consultants are invited to focus on the description of their core business and years in
business; their qualifications in the field of the assignment.
The Consultants are encouraged to submit Russian translations of EoI. However, non submission
of Russian translation will not affect the Shortlisting in any way.
Further information is submitted below in Terms of Refference.
Expressions of interest must be delivered to the address below by 6.00 p.m. Astana time on
July 9, 2012.
Attn: Ms. Raushan Tayenova, Head of the Unit for Investment Project Preparation
Committee for Roads, Ministry of Transport and Communication
32/1 Kabanbay Batyr Ave., 6th floor, Office# 612
010000, Astana city, Republic of Kazakhstan
Tel: +7 7172 24 35 36
Fax: +7 7172 29 90 65
E-mail: [email protected]; [email protected]
Web site:
Committee of Roads under the Ministry of Transport and Communication
Project Title: East-West Roads Project (Almaty – Khorgos section):
Western Europe-Western China International Transit Corridor (CAREC 1b)
Terms of Reference: Financial Management Consultant
Duration of the project: 36 months
Duration of the assignment: 30 man-months
Objectives of the Assignment
The objective of this assignment is to assist the Committee of Roads (CR) under the
Ministry of Transport and Communication to implement efficient project financial
management systems for the East-West Roads Project, including budgeting, accounting,
reporting, internal control and audit. The Financial Management Consultant shall
maintain project financial management and disbursement systems that meet the World
Bank requirements, as documented in the Project Operations Manual (POM) and
Disbursement Guidelines, as well as financial regulations of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Specific Responsibilities:
The consultant will assist the Head of the Finance Division of the Committee of Roads to
establish and maintain effective financial management systems, including records and
accounts, for the project, using automated accounting system capable of generating
financial statements in a format acceptable to the World Bank and the Governments of
Kazakhstan, and adequate to reflect the operations, resources and expenditures related to
project activities. This will, inter alia, include:
(i) assisting the Head of the Finance Division of the CR to ensure that the automated
accounting system is fully operational at all times and that proper accounting and
internal control procedures are followed at all times to ensure that financial
transactions of the project are fully recorded, expenditures are fully approved,
payments are based on approved expenditures incurred and assets of the project are
properly recorded and safeguarded;
(ii) providing guidance to the Head of the Finance Division of the CR on project
accounting, disbursement and contract management, as well as providing training to
accounting staff in the division in the management of the project resources, the
maintenance of the projects’ accounting books and records and in ensuring that there
is proper and adequate documentation to support all transactions;
As appropriate, assist in the finalization of the records and accounts as well as the
preparation of the interim financial statements in respect of the project based on financial
reporting requirements of the Government of Kazakhstan.
Assist in the finalization of the records and accounts as well as the preparation of the
annual project financial statements for audit, in accordance with relevant accounting
standards that are acceptable to the World Bank.
Assist the Committee of Roads to meet its financial management reporting obligations by
producing appropriate accounting and financial management reports, including the Interim
Financial Reports (IFR) required under the project, on a timely basis and sufficient in
content to reflect the financial transactions and position of the project, as required by the
Financial Covenants in the Loan Agreement.
Provide guidance to the Head of the Finance Division of the CR on the audit requirements of the
World Bank, including timely submission of the audit reports and following up and implementing
any actions recommended by the auditors.
Assist the Head of the Finance Division of the CR to maintain procedures for:
Preparation of withdrawal applications, including for the replenishment of the
designated account, if established for the project ;
Preparation of monthly reconciliation of the project records and bank accounts, if any, and
project records and Client Connection;
(c) Preparation of annual estimates of the budget requirements for the implementation of the
project, broken down by quarters and entered into the accounting system;
(d) Preparation of documentation necessary for the preparation of Statement of Expenditure (SOE),
where appropriate.
Provide required training to the staff of the Finance Division of the CR, identify training and
other staff development needs and opportunities to develop the capacity of the staff so as to
enable the staff to carry out the tasks during project implementation.
The Consultant shall pay close attention to elaboration of mechanisms for financial control to
ensure an efficient and transparent accounting system, with clearly assigned responsibilities,
checks, and efficient reporting system.
As the Consultant supporting the Head of the Finance Division of the CR on project financial
management requirements, contribute to the implementation of any agreed actions to strengthen the
project financial management arrangements, as may be recommended by the World Bank from time
to time.
Duration of Appointment
The appointment is for a period of 36 months. The period of the consultancy may be extended
based on need, and subject to satisfactory performance.
The Consultant shall report to the Head of the Finance Division of the Committee of Roads (CR), and
willwork closely with the staff of the division.
Qualification and Experience Requirements
A higher degree in economics, finance, accounting or relevant discipline;
Sound knowledge of international standards of accounting. Possession of a professional
accounting qualification would be an added advantage;
Experience in preparing budgets and financial reports;
Not less than 8 year relevant work experience in an international organization, 5 of which as a
financial manager or leading disbursement specialist. Familiarity with financial management and
disbursement requirements and guidelines of the World Bank, would be a distinct advantage;
Hands-on experience of setting up and running a project financial management and accounting
system in accordance with best international practice;
Computer literate and well developed skills of working with Microsoft Word, Excel; Internet
Explorer and an accounting software, such as 1-С Accounting;
Excellent analytical and communication skills and ability to present financial information in a
clear, concise manner and in formats suitable for non-specialists;
Ability to work effectively with others in a teamwork environment;
ix. Good working knowledge of written and spoken English and fluency in Russian;
Experience in training staff of local counterparts in disbursement procedures and project
accounting and reporting;
xi. Understanding the issues of procurement and its impact on financial management, as well as
knowledge of Kazakh accounting system would be an advantage.
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