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Role Description
Earthquake Planning and Recovery
Earthquakes are one of the most powerful natural forces that can disrupt our daily lives.
A typical study about earthquakes requires input from various sources. The process is
interdisciplinary in nature, incorporating information from numerous experts. Some of
the individuals include scientists, geologists, civil and structural engineers and
government agencies.
Find out how can the following professionals work together for earthquake Planning and
Description of the Roles that you will be undertakingSurvey Specialist:
The role of a Survey Specialist is to collect and evaluate information on the awareness
and attitudes towards earthquake hazards in a particular locality.
Knowledge of when, where, how often, and with what magnitude large earthquakes
occur is crucial for understanding and characterizing the seismic hazard of a region. The
role of a geologist is to study faults to understand where large earthquakes originate.
Analyse the soil type and the uncertainty due to earthquake ground motion.
Construction Engineer:
The role of a Constructional Engineer is to plan, design, construct and manage
earthquake-resistant structures and facilities.
Social Worker:
The role of a Social worker is to identify and analyse the role of the agencies that help in
mitigating the loss that occurs due to an earthquake and also study the impact of
earthquakes on daily life.
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