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Just think

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A t t e n t i o n A d a p t i v i t y™
Just think…
If there were a better way to
focus, would you learn more,
remember more and stay more
At NERVANIX, we start with a simple premise: An attentive
learner is an engaged learner, and an engaged learner
achieves academic success.
NERVANIX is an exciting company in the educational
“The concept of using
individual student
attention to adapt
instruction is at the
very foundation of
personalized learning.”
– Amy Perry-DelCorvo, EdD, CEO & Executive Director, NY State for Computers
& Technology in Education
technology sector that applies the groundbreaking advances in
the field of neuroscience to improve attention and focus in order
to optimize student engagement and achievement. We strive
to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of instructional
learning models by applying the concept of Attention
Adaptivity™ to the pedagogy of teaching and learning.
Using state-of-the-art EEG technology, NERVANIX measures
attention levels of learners, both in real time as well as
longitudinally, and uses that information to enable:
P Learners
to self-monitor their studying and learning.
P Teachers
to adapt their teaching methods to effectively reach
struggling learners.
P Digital
learning applications to adapt to the individual learner.
P Learning
platforms to align and match appropriate learning
objects to individual learners based upon attention profiles.
P Publishers
877.590.520 6
to optimize their products for maximum engagement.
For more information, visit:
n er vanix .c om
Just think…
NERVANIX develops solutions that:
Personalize instruction based upon how a learner is thinking, not
what he or she is saying or doing.
Give instructors a powerful view into the mind of the learner,
opening up creative ways to effectively engage.
Give parents real time, instant feedback around what’s working
and what’s not: No more waiting for test scores and report cards.
“Nervanix solutions help
to combat the ‘illusion
of knowing’ that often
impedes more efficient
instruction and learning.”
– Steve Miller, PhD, co-founder,
Scientific Learning
Provide school administrators with a profoundly better
understanding of what kind of resources work for different
students based on how the learner thinks, rather than on
demographics, tests or surveys.
Provide analytics to publishers of instructional materials
on the effectiveness of various products to elicit attention
and engagement.
At NERVANIX, our goal is to help you guide
your students towards academic success.
To learn more about NERVANIX and to see our
short video on our Attention Adaptivity™ technology
please visit
or call (877) 590-5206.
877.590.520 6
For more information, visit:
n er vanix .c om
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