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Business Communications
Course Description
• This course explores different genres of written and oral
communication employed in the business environment.
Emphasis is placed on utilizing communication strategies
that are tailored to both the audience and the
organizational context in which the communication takes
place. The ethical implications of communication within a
business environment are also considered. This course
develops a process approach to writing, which moves from
planning through revision and final editing in producing
business-related documents. Students will also be
introduced to communication techniques that enhance
productivity within groups as well as develop the ability to
write as a team and create presentations that flow
Learning Objectives
Explain the importance of effective communication in the business environment.
Identify the audiences, tailor the message to those audiences, and select the best
means of conveying this message in a variety of organizational contexts.
Demonstrate knowledge of the ethical implications (such as attention to issues of
culture, gender and intellectual property) of communicating information in a
variety of organizational contexts.
Demonstrate the ability to produce and use various genres of business
communication, including forms of electronic communication.
Engage in writing as a process, including researching, drafting, testing, revising,
reflecting and editing.
Improve oral communication skills, particularly the appropriate use of technology
and the design and use of visual aids.
Demonstrate the ability to use communication techniques that foster productivity
within a group as well as the ability to jointly create a cohesive product, whether
in written or oral form.
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