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Kirby Chambliss’ Story
By: Joey Felton
Early Life
As a child Kirby lived in Corpus Christi TX. That is right near the Gulf of Mexico.
His dad was a skydiving instructor so Kirby was introduced to aeronautics from
a very young age. He began to have an interest in aviation about the time when
he started skydiving, and he kept this interest through high school and
eventually on in into adulthood. In high school he worked at an airport for what I
would assume be an FBO of some sort because he primarily fueled planes. He
earned his first pilot’s license when he was sixteen and after formal training he
became a night freight flyer for an unspecified company.
Early Adulthood
After being a freight pilot he became a private business jet pilot, this job gave
him connections to get his aerobatic flight training and he saved his fortunes to
buy an aerobatic plane. Through much hard work and dedication to the sport,
Kirby got into ‘Unlimited’ level competitions which are the extremely elite ones.
He kept improving at this sport and in 1997 he became the captain of the US
Aerobatic Team. Over his prestigous career Kirby won thirteen medals and
world championships and won the American Title five times. He has logged an
astounding 27,000 flight hours. In 2013, while performing a High Alpha pass in
El Salvador, Kirby’s plane lost power and he crashed but obtained only minor
How Kirby Effects Us
Kirby Chambliss is a perfect example of someone who followed their dream
and achieved success. He is a model for young people to follow and learn from
his hard work and never give up attitude. He is important because he is the
inspiration for a lot of people in the aviation field. He also helps aviation
because he tests the limits of the human body and the planes properties. It is
possible to picture Kirby as a test subject for aeronautic effects on the human
brain and body. I think Kirby is cool because he seems like a go-getter and has
a never quit mentality.
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