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Research Proposal Presentation
Alejandra Martinez
Research Question
Selection Question
Who receives UNICEF
◦ Aid Needed vs. Aid received
What is the effectiveness of
UNICEF in preventing the
spread of HIV/AIDS?
The Big Questions
Countries that receive higher amounts of
aid are more successful in raising
awareness about HIV/AIDS and
preventing mother-to-child transmission,
but not necessarily in prolonging the life
of infected infants and children or in
preventing the infection of adolescents.
Testing the Hypothesis
Testing Method
◦ Look at the correlation
between amount aid
received if any and 1)
the number of MTCT, 2)
the number of infected
children being treated,
and 3) number of
adolescents newly
◦ Compare the results for
countries with varying
amounts of aid including
those countries that
received no aid.
To be announced….
Why is this question important?
It is our responsibility to help those less privileged than ourselves,
especially those that are innocent and defenseless. We must commit to
doing everything in our power to help improve the lives of the children
of the world.
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