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Some Mid-Term Thoughts
• Wed Nov 2
– In class
• 1 hour 15 minutes exam
– Should not take more than 45 minutes
• Allowed to bring in two cheat sheets
– Fit in as much as you can
– But not much point
• Syllabus
– Everything covered till today
• i.e., Bellman Ford’s algorithms in Routing
• About the exam format
– Questions will not test whether you remember
– You will not have to write long essays
– Not be asked to write code
– Will probably have
Multiple choice questions
True and false questions
Some problems to solve
Arguments about tradeoffs
• Exact test format
– Not yet decided
Some Examples:
(T/F) TCP sends a new packet whenever it gets an ACK (not a DupACK) from the receiver.
(T/F) A TCP sender starts a timer once a packet has been transmitted.
(T/F) Bandwidth constraint does not necessarily imply timing constraints
Argue in favor or against: Stop and wait is never better than GBN
Calculate expected latency when a proxy is, and is not, used for caching webpages.
• The network, and relevant data will be provided
Write 2 advantages and 2 disadvantages for recursive and non-recursive DNS
Design a finite state machine for Go-Back-N
Calculate RTO for a given network (relevant data will be given)
Fill out an incomplete figure on TCP’s actions in certain conditions
Prove that TCP flows are fair to each other, irrespective of who starts first
Compute how many iterations will happen before the distance vector route converges.
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