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Juxtaposition: the act or an instance of
placing two or more things side by side;
also : the state of being so placed
Source: Merriam Webster dictionary
Think about the effect of juxtaposing two concepts. So
Juxtapositioning: The act of putting objects close
together or side by side to signal a relationship.
Two photos juxtaposed might indicate contrast,
movement in time, or similarity.
Advertisers often use juxtapositioning to compare one
product with another to show a product's effectiveness.
urce: Picturing Texts pg. 510 -511
Analyze the juxtaposition in this political
cartoon from last week.
Reminded me of the motif painting entitled "The Accused".
Same theme but not an example of juxtaposition.
Visual Persuasion:
One charge often made about visual forms of
persuasion is that they oversimplify and too easily
boil down an argument to pro or con, black or white.
In fact, a direct and uncompromising position is
exactly what some designers are after in the
arguments they construct.
When the Episcopal Church ran the following ad, they used a
device common in visual argument - juxtaposition- in order to
make their position clear.
Carefully read the Episcopal Church and, considering the
question it poses, write a brief statement summarizing the ad's
In what ways is the argument more complex than it at first
Text above photos:
The Episcopal Church believes the important
news at Christmas is not who comes down
the chimney, but who came down from
heaven. We invite you to come and join us
as we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.
The Episcopal Church
Source: Picturing Texts pg. 386
Juxtapositioning is also what makes the before-and-after
formula work in weight loss ads. As readers, we are asked to
choose which of the two bodies we would like to have.
photos of Misty Harris featured
in Fitness magazine online
Can you think of other instances in the advertising industry where
juxtaposition is a common technique?
Visual argument often asks us to think quickly, make a choice,
notice a difference, or take a stand. Yet, visual arguments, like
written arguments, can be simple or complex. They can also be
serious, comical or satirical.
Juxtaposition can also be used in a logical fallacy.
Juxtaposition as a logical fallacy on the part of the
observer is where two items placed next to each other
imply a correlation, when none is actually claimed.
Bring in samples you encounter of
juxtaposition from newspapers, magazines,
etc. during this course. We will make a
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