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BEAMS Faculty Engagement
Working Group Update
Presented by
Antoinette Ellis-Williams, Co-Chair
Brian Hurwitz, WEBPAGE Liaison
JANUARY 27, 2006
10:00-12:00 p.m.
Gothic Lounge (H202)
Faculty Team Members
Joanne Bruno, Co-Chair
Antoinette Ellis-Williams, Co-Chair
Grisel Lopez-Diaz
Brian Hurwitz, WEBPAGE Liaison
Hilary Englert
Christopher Shamburg, Recording Secretary
Gloria Boseman
Kathleen Filak
William Sohoo
Maria Lynn
Student, TBD
What Have We Done So Far?
• Familiarized ourselves with BEAMS mission
• Preliminary Review of the Data
• BEAMS Project and Faculty Working Group
Introduced to Faculty by VP Academic AffairsMailed and Website
• Sent a Letter to All Full Time, Part Time and
Adjunct Faculty- December 2005 Home
[webpage link]
• Included questions of interest to faculty based
on the NSSE data
Guiding Questions
• How do you define student engagement?
• Based on your experiences at NJCU, how do you define
minority students?
• Are there differences in learning and teaching minority
• What do you do to promote [minority] student learning at
Emerging Questions
• Minority focus seems lost in NSSE data
disconnected from BEAMS initative.
• How do we gain buy in around issues of culture
and diversity? (See Peter Incardone response)
• How do we separate minority and majority
students and learning?
• How different is learning for minority students?
• What will now be required of faculty?
• What types of ongoing training will be required?
Faculty On the Right Track
• Peter Incardone on Friday, December 30, 2005 at 11:37
“I have some expertise in student retention, especially for minority
students. Current research holds much promise for improving
retention/graduation rates for today's college students, but one issue
stands out very clearly. Retention rates will improve when
instructional strategies used by college teachers improve! For
example, simply standing in front of a lectern and lecturing for a
single or double hour is not a contemporary, research-based
technique for learning amongst hundreds of thousands of college
students today in America what with our very diverse student
population. Make no mistake about it: to improve retention,
college faculty will, literally, have to be taught HOW to teach
today. Many college faculty, especially Arts/Sciences personnel,
have never had an educational strategies course; they are contentdriven..”
Upcoming Initative
• “Heart to Heart: Engaging Minority
Students in Teaching and Learning”
Monday, February 13th @ 11:30-1:30
p.m. in Gothic Lounge (H202)
“Heart to Heart” Initative
Program Goals
1. Acquaint faculty with BEAMS project &
Working Group
2. Provide faculty with a “safe space” for
dialogue via roundtable discussions
3. Provide resources to faculty
4. Provide jump start for series of brown
bag lunches hosted by Center for
Teaching and Learning
BEAMS Faculty Engagement
Working Group Update
January 27th, 2006
Gothic Lounge (H-202)
Salient Questions
• Which practices and programs best promote [minority]
student learning at NJCU?
• What can faculty do to promote [minority] student
engagement in learning both in and outside of the
• What do you do to promote [minority] student
engagement on learning activities both in and outside of
the classroom?
• What kinds of new programs or other institutional
changes might we implement in order to increase
[minority] student engagement in learning at NJCU?
Faculty Engagement
Welcome & Overview of BEAMS Project, Joann Bruno, VP
Academic Affairs
Introduce Faculty Team & Our Charge, Antoinette Ellis-Williams
Review NSSE Data & Benchmarks, Dr. Arthur Kramer
Groups Report
Where Do We Go From Here?
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