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The Student
Teaching Handbook
Staci Fuqua, Director
Education Student Services
UT Martin
Section 1
• Introduction
• Student Teacher Placement
• Removal from Student Teaching and
Failure to Recommend
Important Points about
Terminating a Placement
• The student teacher is responsible for
compliance with all student teaching policies.
• If you feel that you need to drop student
teaching, contact me early.
• If a school system requests your removal, we
do so immediately.
• Student teachers may be terminated for
unsatisfactory progress or violation of policies
or regulations.
Section II
Roles, Responsibilities,
and Requirements
Student Teacher Responsibilities –
Attendance (Most Important Points)
Prior Notice
Excessive Absences
Unexcused Absences
School-Related Activities
Orientation and Seminars
Section II, continued
Corporal Punishment
Outside Work
Conduct and Dress - Your CT already
has a job. Be polite during faculty
meetings and in-service, even if others
around you are being rude.
Conduct and Dress
Follow your school’s dress code.
Social Networks
Email Addresses, Content, and
Other S.T. Policies
• Student teaching is your priority (not
coaching, e.g.) Line up child care
options if needed.
• Submit lessons plans to your CT and/or
your supervisor prior to implementation.
• Avoid gossip. Be friendly. Smile.
Respect everyone, especially the
custodian and secretary :)
Four Components of S.T. Required by
State of TN
• Observation - See Notebook Table of
• Participation - Jump in immediately. Be
• Full Teaching - The CT decides, but establish
good communication about your needs.
• Co-Curricular - Many of these can be used for
the portfolio and/or Student Teaching
Cooperating Teachers
• Selected by the principal
• Suggestions are not requirements for
• Help them fax or mail the forms they are
required to submit.
• We can’t make them observe you
weekly, but most will.
University Supervisors
• Full-time or adjunct faculty of UTM
• They assign your grades for student
teaching with the input of cooperating
• They will hold a mid-semester and a
final seminar with you.
• They observe and evaluate 2 times per
semester. (More if necesssary)
The Principal
• Part of the mentoring team
• May drop in to evaluate you
• Looking for prospective teachers
Director of Education Student
Evaluation of the program
Section III
• Grievance Procedures for the
Cooperating Teacher and the University
Supervisor (pg 20)
Explain problem
Outline in writing how to rectify situation
Deadline for compliance
• These are closely associated with
removal from student teaching and
failure to recommend.
Section IV - Licensure
• Mrs. Jenny Hahn, Mrs. Jenny Hahn,
Mrs. Jenny Hahn
• Additional Endorsements, Mrs. Jenny
• Other States, Mrs. Jenny Hahn
• Renewal, Mrs. Jenny Hahn
Who can answer licensure questions??
Section VI - Evaluation
• Eleven State Standards aligned with…
• Conceptual Framework for Initial Programs
which is aligned with…
• Framework for Evaluation and Professional
Growth which is aligned with…
• The University of Tennessee at Martin
Student Teaching Performance Assessment
Evaluation by University Supervisor
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