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To help keep you safe,
here are a few key points
to remember…
• When on site, always keep well away
from the machines
• Stay alert and on your guard
• Remember the driver has blind spots
• Be aware of the directions OTP
are travelling in
• Always obey the instructions of the
Machine Controller/Banksman
• Make sure housekeeping is in place
It’s your responsibility to spot
any hazards or risks for OTP
in a worksite. These checks
should include the following
track conditions…
• Plain track, both jointed
and continuous welded rail
• Cant
• Radius curve
• Gradients
• Switches and crossings
• Raised check rails and guard rails
• Track twist
• Points in a possession
• Level crossings
• Bridges
• Buried services
Here are a few things that could
help you and your workmates
avoid a nasty accident:
• Know the OTP capabilities
• Do your checks
• Take care when loading and unloading
• Only use plant and equipment that you
are trained to use
• Always keep the speed limit
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