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How do other children
in the world celebrate Christmas?
Children in England hang socks on
their mantles to be filled with goodies
In Denmark, children look for an
almond in their rice pudding for good
luck in the new year.
Most families in France
display a nativity scene.
St. Lucia wears a wreath of seven candles
to light her way as she serves warm drinks
and treats in Sweden.
Trees for decoration
were first used in Germany.
Dutch children leave carrots in
their shoes for Sinterklaas’ white
horse. The carrots are
replaced with small gifts.
In Italy, children await La Befana, the Christmas
witch,to bring gifts for the good children and
punishment for the bad.
Mexican children get candy from
a pinata by hitting it
with a stick until it breaks.
Homes in Spain display candles
and lamps in their
windows at night.
People of Jewish faith
celebrate Hanukkah with a
In Russia, sleigh-rides
are a special treat.
In America, we love Santa!
How does he get down
the chimney?
What is your favorite way
to celebrate Christmas?
Merry Christmas to All!
Created by
Bentina T. Duck
D. Deubelbeiss
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