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Learning from incidents:
Ufton LC Near Miss
Target Audience:
ES , PICOP & LXA competence holders
Method of delivery:
Line Manager or Sponsor to arrange for individuals to briefed
Recording Process:
Briefing to be added as an event on Sentinel*
To be completed for all ES, PICOP & LXA competence holders and registered
on Sentinel* by the end of September 2013
* For Network Rail staff, the briefing is to be registered as a Competence event in Oracle
Near miss incident at Ufton Automatic Half
Barrier Crossing, Berkshire 4 September 2011
Both the Up and Down lines were under possession with a level crossing attendant (LXA)
appointed at Ufton LC. Red lamps were placed at the crossing with the attendant working
to the instructions of the ES to allow movements over the crossing…….
…..when the possession of the Down line was due to be given up, the ES mistakenly
instructed the LXA to remove the lamp on the Down line, even though the crossing was
to remain under local control.
A error was made by the signaller which meant that the LXA had not been instructed to
stop the road traffic and lower the barriers for a train on the Down line. The train was
travelling at 75mph….
…a car that was just about to drive over the crossing noticed the oncoming train and
managed to stop in time. A collision between the train and car was narrowly
Learning points
- When a level crossing is remaining under local control after a
possession is given up, the flags/lamps placed for the level
crossing are not to be removed
- The flag/lamp is part of the level crossing protection and not
part of worksite or possession safety arrangements
- Had the red lamp on the Down line been in place at Ufton the
driver of the train would have seen it and known that the level
crossing was not safe to cross
Want to know more about these duties?
• GE/RT8000/HB11, Duties of the person in charge of the
possession (PICOP)
• GE/RT8000/HB12, Duties of the Engineering Supervisor (ES)
• GE/RT8000/HB18, Duties of a Level Crossing Attendant
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