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Participatory Budgeting in three
Local Government units in Albania
Where are we?
Urban Research Institute
What did we do in the first phase:
• To understand the aim of the Participatory Budgeting
• To inform the key stakeholders of LG bodies and
administration and heads of villages, community;
• To ID community stakeholders and to ensure the
vulnerable groups that are traditionally excluded can
participate in the project;
What did we do in the first phase (cont)
To organize first and second meetings;
Caravan activity;
Council meetings;
Trainings, and
What else could we do that we did not?
Limitations that influenced the PB process
Time constraint;
Little engagement from council members;
Geographical locations;
Staff availability/capacity? Capacities at LG? Let’s
discuss together.
Open discussion:
• What benefits you can mention by PBP in your community?
Speaking about results, which one do we identify as results?
• What does it mean for you being an elected member of PB
• How has been the reaction of the community members regarding
PBP process?
• What difficulties you came across regarding participation in this
• What can we do to improve participation at PB process?
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