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Asmt. 5: Thwarting
Oscar Mendez
(1) Some record companies upload
to unauthorized music-sharing sites
a large number of files that have the
titles of popular songs but actually
contain squawks and other
unpleasant noise.
This is not the most effective way to prevent piracy, but at
least prevents people from accessing more music by
clogging the networks.
□ The record companies protect their property without causing
any damage to other’s.
(2) A software company provides to
major "pirate" software distributors
copies of its software containing a
virus that wipes out all files on the
disk on which it is installed. (The
pirates are led to believe the
contaminated software is coming
from other pirates; they are not
aware of the virus.)
By introducing a virus into the “pirate” Software,
Software companies are not only penalizing the
lawbreakers but they are also victimizing
innocent people.
If Someone steals a book from the library, it will
be illegal to go to the house of the thief and burn
his house down.
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