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Jane Cooke Wright
Scientist’s Full Name
Ashley Mcgaha
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7, 2010
Jane Cooke Wright
was born in New York
City on November 17
1919.She was also raised in
New York. Jane Wright
is still living which that
makes her ninety-one
years old!!!
Jane Cooke Wright had
a wonderful inspiring family.
Her mom Corrine Cooke
Wright was a school teacher
and her father Louis Tompkins
Wright helped her discover
chemotherapy. She also had a
Where Jane Wright Worked
Jane Wright became a emerita
professor at New York medical
What she was famous for
She was famous for
developing a cancer
treatment called
Chemotherapy. This is
the project that her
father Dr. Louis T.
Wright helped with.
How did chemotherapy
impact society?
Well, let’s see how did chemo impact society
well first off it made life easier for people who
had cancer and it made it where they felt like
they were not going to die anytime soon just
because they had cancer. Chemotherapy is one of
the greatest inventions! It is an invention that
saves lives everyday. To me that is outstanding!
One fact I found Interesting!
The one fact I found
interesting is why her and Dr.
Louis Wright worked so hard
to discover this treatment for
cancer. The reason she did it
was because they wanted to help
people that had cancer. They
made it easier to live for people
with any type of cancer. She
was a great person.
1919- Jane Cooke Wright was born
1949- Dr. Wright began her pioneering work and
during her 40-year career she published over 100
research papers on cancer chemotherapy and led delegations of cancer researchers to Africa, China, Eastern Europe,
and the Soviet Union
1967- she was the highest ranking African-American woman in a United States medical institution.
1971- she became the first woman elected president of the New York Cancer Society.
2004- she became a 50-year member of the American Association for Cancer Research.
Quote from Jane Wright
A few quotes said by Jane Cooke Wright are: “Most
people don't want every room in a house to look different.
They want a flow.” - Jane Wright
“We have to credit our customers with the idea. They asked
for it.” - Jane Wright
“We're finally moving into that here. We're stepping out
and not feeling so locked into conventional decorating
schemes.” - Jane Wright
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