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Role of the CIO in Electronic
Government- USA
Alisoun Moore
Chief Information Officer
Montgomery County, Maryland
Advent of Net-centric and Info-centric World
Transformed ICT Role in Government
ICT became strategic to organization
Old data center director role inadequate to meet technology revolution
No longer relegated to back room data centers
Expensive for organizations to implement
Considered critical to meeting mission of organization
Electronic government allowed direct service to citizens
Often buried in organization
Not strategic – tasked with keeping things running not implementing
Often became an impediment to progress
Creation of CIO
Strategic focus on ICT
Senior manager, member of senior team
Critical to for strategic direction of organization and implementation of ICT
for entire organization
U.S. Established CIO Position and Management
Technology Importance - Government agencies use technology
to deliver services
 Internal Revenue Service
 Department of Defense
 Health and Human Services
U.S. Recognized special role of CIO as a senior manager in
charge of technology for agencies
 Codified role in Information Technology Reform Act of 1996
(Clinger-Cohen Act)
 Requires all agencies to have a CIO at senior management
U.S. Recognized importance of electronic government and interagency management of ICT
 Codified in E-Government Act of 2002
 Centralized e-government office in OMB
 Established an Administrator of Electronic Government
CIO Role – Easier said than done
CIO’s have technical expertise in information and technology
management, but also are leaders in management and
organizational change
Serves as a critical member of senior management team – a
trusted partner much like CFO, COO, etc.
CIOs needed to professionally develop and implement
technology for an agency in a cost-effective way
Always a tension between centralized and decentralized
technology development; between centralized authority versus
business units – need both!
CIOs must be trusted and skilled in working within their
organizations to effect change – therefore need support of
agency head and senior management team
Electronic Government requires inter-agency collaboration and
planning – this is a new role for CIOs
Some Results of Strategic ICT
53 million Americans filed their taxes on-line
last year and the IRS exceeded the figure this
IRS closed 2 regional centers
Refocused personnel to enforcement
SEC’s EDGAR system receives, processes, and
disseminates to the public between 12 and 16
million pages of information annually from
over 28,000 corporate, investment
companies, and individual filers
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