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Poetry Glossary
Simile (AF7)
Comparisons that use “like” or
Metaphor (AF7)
Comparisons that say one thing is
Uses the same starting sound
over and over.
Alliteration (AF7)
Personification (AF7)
Onomatopoeia (AF7)
Rhyme (AF7 and AF3)
Repetition (AF3 and AF1)
A stanza or verse (AF3)
When an object or thing is given
human like qualities.
The use of words that imitate
Words that sound alike – these
can make poems fun and clever.
Words or phrases are repeated
throughout the poem – this can
add impact to your poem.
Poetry can be structured into
different parts. These usually
have a pattern, for example four
lines per stanza or verse.
A breeze is whiffling through the
grass like a comb running through
your hair.
The River’s a wanderer.
He twists and turns.
Tugging and Tickling
Taking all the traffic
The River is a singer,
As he dances along.
Willow, pillow, deep, keep, hum
The River’s a ……
The Rivers’ a…….
Lying in the river bank
Beneath the trailing willow,
My anorak behind my head
Folded as a pillow.
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