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Fairy Tale
“Cinderella and Her Prince”
Characters: Stepmother, Stepsister 1, Stepsister 2, Cinderella,
The Prince, The Fairy, The King, Pairs of Dancers at the Ball,
Scene I
Stepmother: There will be a ball in the king’s palace. Let’s go to the
Stepsister 1: Great!
Stepsister 2: Fantastic! Cinderella give me my white shoes!
Cinderella: Here they are.
Stepsister 1: Cinderella give me my mirror!
Cinderella: Here it is.
Stepsister 2: Bring me my comb!
Cinderella: Here you are! Can I go to the ball with you, my dear
Stepsister 1: Have you done the housework yet?
Cinderella: Yes, I have.
Stepsister 2: Oh really? Have you done the dishes yet?
Cinderella: Yes, I have my dear sisters.
Stepsister 1: Have you prepared the dinner yet?
Cinderella: Yes, I have my lovely sisters.
Stepsister 2: Have you cleaned the rooms yet?
Cinderella: Yes, I have my pretty sisters.
Stepsister 1: Have you dusted the furniture yet?
Cinderella: Yes, I have my sweet sisters.
Stepsister 2: Have you got a beautiful dress?
Cinderella: No, I haven’t.
Stepsister 1: Oh, that’s why you can’t go to the ball with us.
Stepsister 2(to her sister): She is too dirty to go there.
Stepmother: Well, my dear daughters let’s go to the ball!
Scene II
(Cinderella is crying)
Fairy: Why are you crying, my dear child? Please, don’t cry.
Cinderella: I can’t go to the ball. I have neither beautiful dresses nor
white shoes!
Fairy: I’ll help you and you will go to the ball. Here are your white
shoes and a wonderful dress.
Cinderella: Oh, I can’t believe, are these for me!
Fairy: But remember! You must return before the clock strikes 12.
Cinderella: Oh, thank you very much Good Fairy! (she runs away)
Scene III
(In the King’s Palace)
The King: Welcome everybody to our ball!
The Prince: Welcome to the party!
The King: We hope you’ll enjoy it here! Everybody, move your body!
(the music starts)
The King: Look, who’s that beautiful girl?
The Prince: I don’t know... I’ll find out. May I dance with you?
Cinderella: With pleasure!
(All the pairs are dancing. The clock strikes 12.)
Cinderella: Oh, it’s 12 o’clock. Sorry, I must go.
(She runs away and loses one of her shoe)
Scene IV
Cinderella: Did you like the ball, my sisters?
Stepsister 1: Oh, yes. It was amazing. You know, there was a beautiful
lady at the ball in such a lovely dress.
Stepsister 2: Yeh! She ran away and lost her white little shoe.
Stepmother: The Prince fell head over heels in love with her and
wants to marry her!
(The Prince and the heralds (vestitorii) are coming)
Herald: Please, try on this shoe.
Stepsister 1: Oh, no it’s too tight for me!
Stepsister 2: Yes, it’s my shoe! Let me try it on!
Stepmother: I told you not to eat at night...!
The Prince: Are there any more ladies in your house?
Stepmother, stepsisters: No!
(Cinderella sneezes)
The Prince: Who’s there?!?
Stepmother: Never mind it’s our Cinderella.
The Prince: I think this is yours. Let me help you.
Thank God. I have found you!
I love you Cinderella!
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